G2 Performance Horses- Quarter Horse – For Sale
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G2 Performance Horses- Quarter Horse – For Sale

August 10, 2019

do do %uh you know i have such a good relationship with G2 performance horses , G1, G2, and Miss Kathi Jo and they’ve been so good to work with
and getting some really good quality horses for us to train and you know hopefully sell and trade on keep and breed in you know hopefully everything that we
do we’ll you run through this program is going to
be something that we would ultimately wouldn’t mind keeping and
making breeding program out of. well we are pretty excited about it they have got an awful good start on a brood mare band right now, with Meradas Little Miss She has won a lot of titles with Grant Jr. (G2) riding her oh they’ve got a full sister to Travelin Jonez Smart Travelin Chic is her name and they’ve got a Metallic Cat out of her and if we can put theses horses in other peoples hands and then let them kinda reap the benefits of the program that we are trying to develop that would be ideal but I’ve got a really good Metallic Cat colt also for them for uh the Snaffle Bit Futurity and he’s a big strong colt, huge ol stopper and really good on a cow. I am awful excited about him and then we have got this mare and son of a gun she’s the best one I’ve had and she’s just sweetheart and I love her Well Grant (G2) found her down at the Legacy Sale and brought her up here and rode a round a little and took her home and rode her there for awhile.. and said i think you better take another look at her! and he brought her back and she was pretty special when he brought her home the first time when he brought her back in the spring i guess felt like she had all the parts, felt like she’d go on to be one I’m really excited about the future of Dawson Performance horses and G2 Performance horses %uh

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