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Game Critics (Part 2)

December 7, 2019

– [Dunk] Last time I talked about game critics, they had an embarrassing meltdown on Twitter. Then they plagiarized this guy’s review and described how Star Wars makes you feel like a Jedi. But with this video, I’m shifting my focus to the stupidest and least consistent voice in the gaming community… The Gaming Community. Gamers look at this article and go: “No, this is boring.” Now “Streamer throws cat”: “This is what interests me.” Gamers will sit there and complain about Ubisoft and EA and Activision, to their dying breath, and yet, what are the top selling games every year? Ubisoft, EA, Activision. There were gamers out there defending Metal Gear Survive because we, as a species, are doomed to fail. But before we go any further, we need to go back. All the way back. (Phone Dialing SFX) Back in medieval times, when the internet first came out, people reveled in their newfound anonymity to discuss video games, like this: – [Will Forte] “Fuck you!”
(Tim and Eric Nite Live! – Episode 5) – [Eric] “It wasn’t even fucking fun!” – [Eric] “Put that down!”
– [Tim] “Get the fuck outta here!” – [Eric] “Get the fuck outta here!” – [Dunk] In the modern age, however, we have evolved to a higher form of discussion. Now when gamers disagree with someone they simply refer to the standard template of going: The veil of usernames allows people to make a complete ass of themselves, with zero accountability. Which is why there is such a big disconnect between internet noise and real life. Remember when I reviewed Octopath Traveler? Ooh! Those people were pissed. They wanted blood. They were out here saying: “Dunkey lied about a snail.” “Dunkey is a racist for not liking Octopath Traveler.” This Outrage, of course, brought up the masterpiece video called: “Dunkey is a Bad Critic.” – [Animal Jayson] “This is where a lack of understanding of game design and history” “hurts Dunkey as a critic the most.” “Dunkey doesn’t seem to understand any of this.” “There are plenty of comedy reviewers on YouTube who make more legitimate reviews than this.” “Also, funnier reviews than this.” “Dunkey does not understand game design” “and has not tried to.” “You were… just lying.” “That’s it.” “You lied!” “Admit it!” – [Dunk] If you can’t tell, this kid is probably 15. So, please don’t go and leave him a bunch of mean comments. Clearly, he’s just a big fan of Octopath Traveler, which is why he made two 20-minute videos about how bad my review was. – [Animal Jayson] “I haven’t played Octopath Traveler and I don’t really plan to.” “It doesn’t seem like my kind of game.” “Again, I’ve… have not played Octopath Traveler.” “Again, I… haven’t played Octopath Traveler.” “And, like I said, I haven’t played Octopath Traveler.” – [Dunk] Ultimately, the backlash to my video could be summed up in one comment: “Dunkey, why are you reviewing something you seem not to like at all?” (Laughs) Anime, my boy, I’ll tell you why, because you can’t only review games you enjoy. You need a contrast to differentiate good from bad. Sometimes, when you take a chance on a game you might not like, you end up finding something really unique and special. Other times you end up with a Furby going: – [Bana] “Meh-meh-meh!”
(Xenoblade Chronicles 2) – [Dunk] If you truly want people to stop criticizing video games, then you might as well hand the entire industry over to EA right now. As goofy as this comment is, a lot of people seem to be onboard with this logic, which is why IGN gives nearly every mayor release a 9 or higher. I mean, literally, every… video game released. – [Dan Stapleton, IGN] “Performance on consoles is sometimes dissapointing”
(Fallout 4 Review) “with frecuent frame rate slowdowns and hitches in areas that run smoothly on the PC.” “On all platforms we saw occasional crashes,” “and every so often there’s a quest that won’t properly begin or end due to scripting bugs.” – [Rich George, IGN] “It has a little something for everyone.” – [Jonathon Dornbush, IGN] “The storytelling within them feels as simplistic and predictable as ever.”
(Kingdom Hearts III Review) “There’s nothing all that challenging about it.” “It didn’t really surprise me, though.” “There’s definitely a bit of sluggishness to be overall pacing too.” – [Rich George, IGN] “It has a little something for everyone.” – [Brandin Tyrrel, IGN] “The immersion is occasionally broken by draw distance,”
(Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey Review) “textures that sometimes arrive late to the party,” “or getting terminally stuck on geometry.” “Or maybe a lootable item will become unreachable” “or your tame beast becomes untamed when you die and reload.” (Bears roars) “The bugs are annoying, sure.” “At the same time, it’s padded out with meaningless errands” “that make getting to those strong character moments” “a painstaking gauntlet.” – [Rich George, IGN] “It has a little something for everyone.” – [Dunk] But, ooh! On that off day, where that fucking troublemaker Dirt dingus gives Days Gone a 6 out of 10. That is where they go too far. “Fuck IGN!” “This is why I never come here for reviews.” (- Guy who was on IGN right now for reviews.) “Clearly,” “this lady should be fired.” Now let’s watch the review… – [Lucy O’Brien, IGN] “Days Gone kicks off relatively simply:” “you play as a biker riding through an op-”
(Dunkey clicks ahead) – [O’Brien] “…somewhere-”
– [Dunk] Yeah. See- See what she did wrong? – [Dunk] She gave Days Gone a 6.5- I- I mean, this is the guys who did Bubsy 3D. Do you really think those guys are gonna drop the ball? And it has zombies and open-world? Hello? Now, how come I can talk shit on every game and IGN can’t talk shit on any game? Well, isn’t it obvious? It’s because… IGN is nitpicking and biased. I win! Bye-bye! Shut the website off. [OUTRO]
♪ “GT Mode 3” – Gran Turismo 4 OST ♪

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  1. Dunkeys the only critic i listen to

    Ill love a game and then ill see his video talking about how bad it is and I’ll immediately be like “i knew it was shitty all along”

  2. I paused the start image and read the entire thing. Such an insecure circlejerk. Also, when it comes Dunkey's "serious" videos, he's definitely a critic first. That aptly named "Animal Jayson" sounds like he's about to cry when he's saying: "You lied, admit it." I played Octopath Traveler, and it's fucking boring and generic, and by the way, this is coming from someone who has played RPGs for more than 2 decades and enjoys them a lot. Sure, if I played it on the PS1 back in 1997 (which is how it looks like when it was made), I might have enjoyed it, but it's way too late for that by now.

  3. FIFA 5billion: 10/10 Masterpiece, really makes you feel like you’re playing football/soccer
    Death Stranding: 10/10 great game liked it
    Portal 2: 10/10 Brilliant, great puzzles and charm

    Spot the good one

    Also please no criticism or I’ll die, no meanie heads in my comment thread.

  4. The people who got mad at Dunkey's Octopath Traveler video have the same mindset (and honestly are probably a lot of the same people) as the people who are mad about South Park's last episode.

  5. Dunkey is a racist who doesn't know anything about game design and nitpicks everything…

    He's got a little something for everyone.

  6. Anyone else notice how fake this video is. 0:48 shows a cell number after stating its 1996. The area code for New Jersey 732 wasn’t established until 1997 a whole year after this “1996” just can’t get it right but it’s okay he’s got a little bit for everyone 9/10

  7. Yeah these are the people who just agree on things with others to make sure someone is behind them because they wanna be right and correct instead of facing the music and living life.

  8. The perfect meme template for all time
    So (noun) is a pretty bad experience, because (listing reasons why noun is bad) and (more reasons why noun is bad)

    9.5/10, it has a little something for everyone

  9. Oh dunkey my dunkey i love how you keep trolling those idiots who cant even understand that everybody has his own opinion, but its a waste of time to make fun of them cause they getting triggered. Love from a very old fan of yours i give you 3/10 cause your videos remind me of spaghetti and meatballs

  10. It seems that people don’t understand what opinions are since this was your point of view and people should understand to not be angry of your opinion, everyone has their opinion that are right to themselves.

  11. there’s probably a reason why everybody got mad at ign for “hating” on days gone, its because every time theres a zombie apocalypse game like dead rising or state of decay that comes out people are dumbstruck with hype, and with a game like days gone that was in developmental hell for a while, when it released the people who’re fans of that genre turn into snowflakes when they see a game that was highly anticipated, get a mediocre review by a company they “rely” on.

  12. I was so excited about Octopath when I tried the demo. After purchasing I realized how boring and lame the game really is. I think I was just really desperate for a JRPG game and OT had some of those elements, just failed to execute it all the way.

  13. 9.5 for Fallout 76, a game that is visibly broken from the start. The society has proven itself to be fundamentaly broken.

  14. Mike Rougeau: "holy shit this donkey video is bad"

    yial goat-ku: "so it's only a 9/10?"

    That part fucking killed me

  15. Dunkey is a horrible human being who doesn’t give a shit about the true quality of video games or the industry. It is so clear he only says what he says for clout and probably doesn’t even know what he’s talking about 90% of the time.

    Then again, I have not watched Dunkey.

  16. I love how people pull out their game design degrees when people have different opinions than them regarding games.

    A game can be a text book definition of "good" but that doesnt mean everyone will like it.

    That's what we call…


  17. Man I’m sorry I know you don’t like it but just seeing those little clips of octopath is getting me emotional man, I adore that game so much

  18. 2:30 A very good explaination, it's about trying different perspective to know what is good and what is bad for you. Truely a wise man

  19. It's not an enormous surprise that when you call out a conspiracy of mediocrity, the closed circuit of mediocrities will always band together for a 24-hour whinge on the Tweeting machine.

  20. If anyone were truly wondering where they've heard that outro music, it was a lobby composure used for Gran Turismo 4. Interesting fact.

  21. Hey some I'm confused those comments he shows when the people get angry at him for saying a game is challenging and repetitive and the guy tells him to go back to fortnite which dunkey review are they referring to?

  22. >See Dunkey video game review
    >Make 40 minutes of content criticizing him
    >Not once realize that your opinion is invalid as you’ve never played the game you’re defending
    >Attack Dunkey on points based off said review

    There must be some serious retardation plaguing this man, Christ. And before you fucks asks, yes, I’ve seen both vids from the guy, and no, it hasn’t changed anything.

  23. Ya know, I dont get all the nitpicky things all those reviewers were tweeting about Dunkey, if they'd just watch his content they'd realize he has a little something for everyone.

  24. Dunkey > life > universe > dog > cat > lice > AIDS > burger > gaming community that complain because IGN actually have a bad game a bad rating > IGN


  26. "Dunkey says he doesn't like JRPGs which means he doesn't like Japanese people so he's racist"

    – gaming community

  27. My friend said new super Mario bros deluxe was better than sunshine because the name was stupid, and that it wasn’t like the other Mario games. Cough* newsupermariogames cough*

  28. I hated your review of Octopath Traveler for a ton of reasons as someone who has played the game and found a lot of your takes inaccurate or that you missed something in the game that would solve your problems. That being said, this video IS accurate and the internet fucking loses their mind when someone gives something a bad score. The IGN thing was spot on. That guy who made the videos on you hasn't even PLAYED THE GAME who is he to say any of what he did?

  29. Fanboys always view negative reviews as some kind of menace, that endangers videogame developers. The truth is, the criticism is something, that makes you acknowledge your own mistakes and helps you to eventually overcome them.

  30. This is why I don't come to Dunkey for reviews. He should be fired, and bubberducky was a terrible video. I rate 3 Popsicle sticks out of 7.25 shoe ties. I win, bye bye.

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