Game Lives: Outdoor Fun
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Game Lives: Outdoor Fun

October 25, 2019

Hey Guys! I have no friends that are gonna come over So I decided to call the GAME LIVES GROUP!!!!! (R.I.P HeadPhone Users) The only person who didn’t listen (Denise) Woope Me….. (Song Jetta – I’d Love To Change The World Playing) im too lazy to do anymore go figure out what im saying by your self is anyone even using the subtitles if you a using the subtitles comment juztine sucks plz so i know you used the subtitles ok bye go use the auto sync subtitles (fart sound effect)

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  1. Make Sure To Turn On Post Notifications For A Shoutout! 🙂 Hope You Guys Enjoy The Video! Wait For Tomorrow 8am WA Time For A New Vid!

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