Game of Zones – S4:E8: ‘Father of Balls’
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Game of Zones – S4:E8: ‘Father of Balls’

September 5, 2019

[Sensual Dornish music] Playing in the paint, I see It’s my favorite place to draw fowls Why are you still here? I thought your bannermen left long ago Do you think they can make it home without you to carry them? [Sensible chuckle] How about a quick duel, James? One on one Just like old times I don’t have time for your games, Brodie Some of us are still in the playoffs You’re right. I’d hate to break those SECOND most valuable ankles before your next series Ay! You come into my casa with so much sass-a Do your worst, bitch! Mmm, very nice! A double Shammgod into The Answer’s crossover Impressive Actually, that was Tim Hardaway’s Oh, sorry I was supposed to let you get the rebound, right? Now this move here, I used it for my 22nd triple-double Ha! I used this one for my 42nd I don’t know why you don’t come to Houston more often You clearly love to travel Oh this from a man who leads the league in turnovers? Not anymore! Game point, James Time to show off those renowned defensive skills Ah, but actually, my defense is much improved! In fact, if you look at the numbers, you will see that I contested over EIGHT shots per game, Third most among guards— Aw, MOTHER FOYLE! We could’ve had it all, James If you and the Serpent hadn’t slithered away OK, Russ. Like this isn’t what you wanted ALL along To finally be the MAN All the triple-doubles, the Realm MVP… Now he does what he wants, right? …Everything except win Now if you’ll excuse me I have to get my ass kicked by the Spurs And get his ass kicked, they did Though Ser Beard and his bannermen won the first battle, House Spurs proved too strong, vanquishing House Rockets in six games Elsewhere in the West, House Warriors made quick work of the Brotherhood with One Banner and sent House Jazz to a swift demise When the Pop King and his Soulless Army tried to stop them, they found silver was no match for gold Over in the East, the Hammer of Akron smashed rebellions from House Pacers and the Canadlings All eyes turned to the one seed, but the King of the Fourth proved merely the King of Fourth Place And so it was written King James and the Champions of Balleros against the most powerful house the Realm has ever seen OK, well maybe second Second?! Who’s first? Well, obviously it’s Ser Jordan and his 96 Bulls Well, some say it’s the Bulls, but others argue it’s the Showtime Dynasty right here in Los Angeles! How do we become a dynasty again, Lord Magic? I want to become a dynasty! Well, the first step is to trade all the little buggers who send inappropriate ravens Harumph! Then, we sign big-time free agents Like Paul George! And thirdly, we build through the DRAFT Yesss! From the fire you are born, my little Lonzo The Triad of Balls will make the Realm shake Go forth, and get us our ONE BILLION gold WAAAAHHHH!!! I want to play for the Lakers, Daddy! THAT’S MY BOY! MUHAHAHA! HAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHAAAA!

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  1. 3:40 B/R pretty much predicted the Lakers future…
    1. The D’angelo trade
    2. Half right with landing a big free agent (Lebron James not Paul George)
    3. Build through the draft ( Ingram, Ball, Kuzma, Hart)

    Can B/R do another prediction on the Lakers ? Lol we need it

  2. Does anyone know what the song lyrics for Lavar’s Section? It’s saying “Lonzo is…” something something

  3. 2:13




  4. I get the Toronto are nordsmen joke. But I'm not sure I understand Oklahoma being depicted as barbarians. Anyone can explain that one to me?

  5. They should make this a season 6 episode 9 for 69 and make it the real season finale but make it a playoff story.And Russ and Dame 1v1 but dame kicks his ass

  6. Three years later, I'm just now noticing the book title "A Storm of Sweeps." They put a lot of thought into all these details.

  7. Crazy none of those guys are still there for the Lakers. Not even Magic 😂 u know it’s bad when your legendary point guard doesn’t want anything to do with you

  8. If someone made a giant picture book like that summing up the season in the style of medieval manuscripts and tapestries I’d totally buy it lol

  9. And now Westbrook and Harden are teammates and Lonzo is not 'playing for the Lakers'! Things change quickly!

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