[GAMESCOM 2018] A  Plague Tale: Innocence – Uncut Gameplay Trailer
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[GAMESCOM 2018] A Plague Tale: Innocence – Uncut Gameplay Trailer

August 14, 2019

Shhhh Lucas Yes? What does he have… in his blood? There’s… an old story. It tells of the Prima Macula. The alchemists say it was the first evil and that it silently travels in the blood of certain families. But something happened. The Great Break. And the Macula awoke. In Hugo’s blood. But… what will it do to him? The Macula cares for neither good nor evil. It evolves with its host. To change things. The world. You know… your mother and Laurentius were trying to help your brother. But they failed. No. I think they just ran out of time. This is it. Hugo, wake up. Come on, we’ll walk from here. It’ll warm you up. If we follow the aqueduct we should arrive at Château d’Ombrage before nightfall. What’s that noise?! Nothing… It’s just frogs Hugo! Frogs! Ha ha! He seems well. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Here froggy froggy! There are so many! Aren’t you cold? A little, yes. Hugo doesn’t seem to mind. Huh… He’s keeping himself warm. Yes, but he’s too far for my liking. Ha ha! Hop hop hop! Hugo! Where are you going? Hey, look! I’m a knight! An English shield. Where did you find that? Over there, lying on the ground! Listen, Hugo. Put that down. It’s not for children. Oh… you’re no fun. Come on, let’s go. Do you smell that? Oh it stinks. Yes. It’s horrible. Amicia! Lucas! Come quick! Look! Oh my God… Are they all… dead? We can’t carry on. Amicia, we have to follow the aqueduct. Oh my goodness. Amicia, do we have to… walk on them? I know Hugo. We don’t have a choice. Do you think we’re hurting them? Just keep moving Hugo. Come on. We shouldn’t be here. Oh the smell… it’s unbearable. I feel sick. Don’t look. Concentrate on the aqueduct. Erg. The horse… Lucas?? I… I don’t know. Oh no! The rats! Keep away from them! Amicia, they’re everywhere! Hundreds of them! I don’t believe it! Now! Run! There are people over there. Those aren’t soldiers. What were they doing? Those were looters… looking for things to steal. But why? To survive, probably. Like us. Look! A trebuchet. It’s a weapon of war. Hugo, can you help? Yes, I can do it. Careful. I did it! Very good, you can come now Well done! Hey! What’s that? Who’s over there? Into the grass, quickly! He mustn’t see us! Amicia, his lantern. I… I understand. He’s coming. Oh Lord. It’s horrible. But it worked. You can be sure they heard that. Oh no, soldiers! We need to push. Let me help! Mind you don’t get burnt. The wheels are stuck in the mud. We’ll have to leave it here. Come on. What the fack are you doin’? Hold him still! This is proper ‘orrible! Wait! We’ll never get through there! Shh. We’ll find a way. Over there! A torch! I might have a chance if I go alone. Stay there. Not a sound No problem. Want me to try? Unbelievable! Why don’t you try a diff’rent one? They’re all over the place. Arr! Finally! Christ! All that for that? You were away a long time. Everything is fine. Right, that’s good. I’m following you. Urrgh… they’ve got sticks in their tummies. Don’t look. Stay behind your sister, Hugo. The tower. Come on, inside, quickly! Help! Lads! Help me! Amicia… there’s someone over there. Oh no… Amicia, he’s trapped! Shhh! We have to keep moving! Oof! About time! Oh no… Hey! Hey, what are you doing? Stop! I’m sorry… we have to get out! Amicia… This way!

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  1. Just hide & seek, solving clues, slinging rocks and running away from rats. One could get easily bored with the gameplay IMHO.

  2. How is this game not more hotly anticipated or even talked about? This is some God of War / The Last of Us level storytelling! That music after they alight from the boat gave me chills. It was like watching gameplay fromThe Last of Us.

  3. From this trailer alone I understand the boring complaints… Not every person enjoys super story focused games… I'm not really a telltale game fan for that reason 🤷‍♂️ but I'm sure this will have better puzzle and combat mechanics.. think last of us

  4. Interesting, but unbelievable: What do rats need from living people, there are a lot of corpses?
    Rats are usually afraid of humans.

  5. I swear I think this generation of people are stupid as hell….ladies and gentleman do you not see in the top corner of the screen it says "work in progress"……so expect it to have more elements to it that not makes it boring

  6. game that dont come from EA or ubisoft will be good… and i must admit this is looks nice! something new … but this should be look litle bit more grim. wish to play this but there is no chance… but @Focus Home NICE JOB!!!

  7. I preordered it and it says it going to take 292 days until it releases when it comes out tomorrow!!!! Does anyone have the same problem?

  8. To everyone who thinks the gameplay looks "boring": This is clearly a puzzle horror game, not an action horror game. I groaned when they left the sword/shield behind, but it doesn't make sense for kids to fight soldiers. They are basically wizards turning a dark power against their enemies, but that dark power could just as easily destroy them if they aren't careful. I like puzzles and stealth and fantasy stories; so, it looks quite intriguing to me. I'm impressed by the cinematic choices, the glowing rat eyes and that horse. Most of all–this game looks original. I like action shooters, but I only want to play a couple of those a year. Then I like to try unique games that are well-made and very different. This will definitely stay on my radar.

  9. It's a story driven game, like reading a novel except you can visually enjoy the experience and interact with it. You are not supposed to slay demons in such games

  10. Reminds me of Brothers:A Tale of Two Sons, which was amazing. I guess with some work in making the game more difficult in solving puzzles, it can be great.

  11. This looks pretty great. I miss single player experiences like this. It's why most of us fell in love with gaming. But somehow we left it behind.

  12. Pros:
    – Dripping with immersion.
    – Has a PC version. Aiming with a stick sucks, much better with a mouse.
    – The voice acting is good.
    – Portrays what appears to be a strong female character, with female values.

    – If the whole gameplay loop is displayed here, then it'd better be short or it'll get repetitive fast. Stealth, slinging rocks, and using fire/light to make rats scurry away is not enough gameplay elements to make an adventure that lasts.
    – The music at times overpowers the voice actors. This likely can be controlled with some option sliders, but could easily be overlooked and if shipped that way would definitely impact the quality of the game.
    – The level was very linear.

    So far, this product sells itself very well. I will definitely keep my eye on it, and if it keeps looking this good I will probably buy it. I can see myself playing this on a weekend with a couple of bottles of wine like a good book. I would love to see some branching pathways open up to reduce its linearity and more ways to solve the puzzles. The progression through this level seemed a bit too scripted and on rails.

  13. Anyone else distracted because she is wearing a elbow joint of plate armor?
    I can't for the life of me think of any reason she would put that on. It's her only armor and what is it even attached to?
    It's a stealth game so something that bulky would restrict movement and if threat is rats would prefer thick leather boots and gloves myself.

  14. Un jeu ou l'histoire se passe en France avec des personnes qui ne parle pas français.

    Je sais que les pays Anglophone détestent, méprise, ne souhaite que la disparition, ma langue " le français ". Vous n'allez pas me contredire les Anglais.

    Même les développeurs capables de rabaisser notre langue, c'est HONTEUX et vous avez aucune FIERTE. Juste pour vous assurer les ventes.

  15. Wouldn't it be easier to pick up one of the hundreds of weapons lying on the battlefield and simply slaughter the rats?

  16. hello, does the retail PS4 version that coming soon in may will be complete with all episode? or more will come to the game has DLC. thx you and your game look fantastic. un grand merci pour votre passion pour les jeux vidéo!!! je suis avec vous de tout coeur!



  19. The voice acting needs alot of polishing, it sounded really bad, and waaaaaay too much emphasis on rat avoidance…it is visually pretty though.

  20. That amount of rats looks awful. And they are quite aggressive. Is it supposed to be that inconsistent? Because everything seems to be fine.

  21. Everything looks exceptionel good, but the gameplay looks a bit.. Out of place? But interesting, potentially a buy, lets see what its become 😁

  22. this gonna be downgrade sooo hard when release for sure … that "work in progress" phrase is their lie , take my word .

  23. Awesome. What's the ETA of the game release date ? Will it contain some gruelling medieval sword and spear fighting like For Honor ?

  24. Can’t wait to play this. Although I really hope it’s not like The Order: 1886 & is just a glorified (yet beautiful) movie… w/what little gameplay is actually in the game is repetitive & amusing @ best…

  25. I'm terrified of rodents or anything rodent-like so idk if this game's for me 😭 but it certainly does look interesting though.

  26. Fighting/escaping rats and cockroaches is by far the most annoying part of any game, but, for strange reasons, game designers think that people love to have them in a game.

  27. Very interesting i am looking forward for this game. A game about the black death and the middle ages. I'll be occupied with sekiro and days gone till then.

  28. This game looks so interesting but I don't know if I'll be able to play it. The rat sounds really really bug me. Like one of those sounds that makes your teeth hurt.

  29. so this game has basically just replaced zombies with hungry ass rats, and puzzles, involving fire and more hungry rats… I like it

  30. "Oh no, blind soldiers!"
    Sets fire
    Gun shots
    Nuclear blast
    "Must of been the wind."

  31. Convenient that the rats don't attack you inside the high grass when you had to drop your torch. Or even outside the high grass (04:29).

  32. does anyone know if its cut or uncut in germany? are there diferent versions? i cant find anything about that in the internet

  33. Just finished the game a few minutes ago.
    To anyone interested:
    It's very linear and entirely driven by the story. The visuals are indeed gorgeous, the plot is riveting and moving, and the gameplay, while it doesn't do anything new, works well enough. I absolutely recommend playing it for the tension, story, characters, visuals, atmosphere, etc. This game is sort of the love(craftian) child of Tomb Raider, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, and Alien: Isolation. It's damn good.

  34. 04:27
    hugo: do we have to… walk on them?
    amicia: i know hugo. we don't have a choice.
    hugo: do u think we're hurting them?

    me: I'm sold!

  35. Her not trying to go up the ladder in the siege tower was to much for me I could hardly continue watching after

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