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GAS Breyer American Pharoah

August 13, 2019

Hello this is Kristen from Golden Apple Stables And I am here to show you that we have American Pharoh From the Racing Tracks to Golden Apple Stables And right here we have Barba de Chivo my unicorn Yea I wanna go meet him I really like him American Pharoh I have seen him run and wow that i love that dude And I have my stablemates down here a family I have seen Americn Pharoh,but i dont think he knows me tho I cant wait to see him too. Me two will me three There here! American Pharoh and also we have the liverpool jump its a limited edition And I got all of this stuff from Tuesday Morning you guys need go chick it out I got all of this stuff for really good prices I got this guy for $18 no $17 dollars so here he is and acutally he costed about $2 dollars In Tuesday Morning i am so gald i dont need barb ware cuters to open this he is free! he is freed ! he is singing Hallelujah i am fee! and here there is a box that says Congratlations! You have just received a genuine Breyer collectible and up here it has lots of infomation of American Pharoh so pause the video to read the infromation if you like So liverpool jump its really hard to see beacuse its really tall it acutally costs $7 dollars it comes with three poles which ther all red whit and blue like the American flag this blue thingy (its the water for the jump) these hold the poles You can have it has a low jump also has a medium jump you can also have it like a large jump Thank you joining in Golden Apple Stables to see American Pharoah Traditonal and stablemate size and the liverpool jump See you in my next video. Bye 🙂

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