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GCC – Horse Handling Basics

September 5, 2019

What intrigues you about horses? Genesee Community College presentsunew this
Fall – Horse Handling Basics with Jeanne Smith Hello, my name is Jeanne Smith – who am I
– a backyard horse owner. I own 4 horses and enjoy them very much. I ride and drive,
not competitively, but primarily have them for my own pleasure. Why am I here? Well, here is what’s happeninguI
have the opportunity to share with you what I have learned about horses and horse handling.
I contacted GCC a few months ago with an idea to offer a “horse handling basics class”,
and we are going to give it a go. I am grateful about what I know about horses
and recognize the value of this. Therefore, would like to share this information with
you. Other than being a backyard horse owner, I
have been busy doing something else over the past 14 years and that is learning from John
Lyons, America’s Most Trusted Horseman. I had the unique opportunity to work with
John. I presented an idea to him back in 1996, to write horse training books about what he
does. This came to pass with 3 publications completed.
The Ground Control Manual, The Riding Manual and A Beginner’s Guide to Horse Handling were
produced. I love his methods and now want to share some
of the basics of horse handling that I have learned from him with you. This class will cover three main areasu
General care topics and routine procedures; Ground Handling Skills and
Key elements with riding. You will learn what parts of the horse to
focus on for optimal control and how pressure and release of pressure is the key to communication.
I will share with you a special formula that I have learned from John that helps to maximize
your control and safety with all horse handling situations.
You will learn all the information through live demonstrations with horses that are skilled
and those that need extra practice. Who is this class for? Are you someone thinking
about starting to ride?; Do you want to become a horse owner?; Do you know a little about
horses but would like to see what others are teaching? Whatever the reason, we would love
to have you check out the class. At any time during this class you are thinking
“what’s next for me?” I will do my best to guide you in the right direction. There are
many experts in Western NY that will help you get the hands-on experience you desire.
So give us a try! Come see us at the Dansville Campus and the Smith Farm in Sparta.
The class offers over 16 hours of instruction and demonstration. It Is our hope that you
will be happy with what you learn For complete details check, or give us a call,
check the website Thanks for watching!

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