Gerry Harvey’s Take on the Horse Racing Industry and How He’s the Original Horse Trader
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Gerry Harvey’s Take on the Horse Racing Industry and How He’s the Original Horse Trader

August 14, 2019

What is it about horses? I think the thing about horses that I like is the original horse trader. That’s where the name horse trader came from. You’ve got to try and make a living …deep down I am horse trader, right? I never knew I was. When I say a horse trader, doesn’t mean you trade horses. I’m a trader, I love buying things and selling things, that’s me. And I’ve got that 6th sense. I can buy those air conditioners I’ll buy 3 thousand of them, and sell them in 3 weeks. I’ll buy that horse or that cattle or whatever it is And so from my auctioneering days, I had to learn about all products and so it didn’t matter what it was So look at that filing cabinet over there How much is that worth? What can I sell it for? Where’s the margin? And so, I’m a trader. And in the old days, I’d have been out there in the Middle East or wherever it was with a stall selling fruit and vegetables, jeweler or some bloody thing. You know i would have taken a trip over China to bring it back to England to sell the tea or whatever it was. So that’s what I am I think, a trader. So horse trading’s the hardest. There’s no harder business than this. This makes selling fridges a piece of cake. It is so easy selling fridges after you’ve been in this business. Because this business, you do everything right and there’s something out there from left field that will get you every time. The horse dies. Or it has a throat operation. It was worth 500 grand yesterday and it’s worth 1 today. And you’ve got to be able to cope with this, You know these disasters hitting you one after the other Meteorites coming down and hitting the country and you’ve got to get up and say it didn’t happen. So this business is for the resiliant. Super resiliant. The amount of hits you take is just unbelievable. And it’s very good for you because if you can survive this business, you can survive anything. And you never really know how hard it is until you do it. And I mean it like I’d buy all my own horses, I sell all my own horses and I love this company because it is a buyer and seller of horses. It’s an agency. I just love this buying and selling thing. Above all things in life, I’m a trader. That’s what I am. The original horse trader.

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