Get to know JoJo Siwa! 😍❤️ | Star Stable News Interview
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Get to know JoJo Siwa! 😍❤️ | Star Stable News Interview

October 31, 2019

Hey y’all! So we’re here with Jojo Siwa…
Yes, THE JoJo Siwa! She’s going to be in the disco at Fort Pinta performing her new song… YES, Every Girl’s A Super Girl! We wanted you to get to know JoJo Siwa, so therefore we have a couple of questions for you today. Are you ready?
Let’s do it! I’ll try to shout out the first thing that comes to my head even if I’m embarrassed. We’re gonna start off with some
questions about you! How do you get pumped before a performance? When I was on Dance Moms we always had this thing where we’d go like… …. one two three one two three one two three four five six seven…. … and I still do it to this day!
Matilda: Did you guys get that? We have a really dedicated community of players, the StarFam! What’s the coolest thing about your fans? I love that my fans just be themselves. It’s okay to be accepted for who you
are and to be yourself and you know… I’m a fourteen year old kid and I’m wearing hot pink and and big bows, it’s my life and I love it! What do you call your fans?
JoJo: My fans are the Siwanatorz! How do you deal with haters? Honestly all I got do is just delete and block delete and block… But I know it can be harder than that because you can’t swipe and delete a person in real life… Like “SWIPE! DELETE! BLOCK!”… no no no, come back, come back! Honestly, if I would give you any advice it would be to don’t listen to it and go hang out with your friends… … go hang out with your mom, go hang out with your goldfish like go just and have fun by yourself! Ylva: Haters, they’re just not very inspiring. What people inspire you? There are two people who are really inspiring to me… number 1 is my mom And then, of course my dog Bow Bow… Not really considered a person!
Ylva: But very inspiring! If you could go back in time and talk to your 10 year old self… what advice would you give yourself? I’d tell myself: “You know – it’s ok to speak up for yourself” It’s scary as a kid to be like “oh I don’t know if I should talk or not”… “Should I? I’m a kid!” I’d say: It’s okay! If you really know what you are saying, and if you really believe in it… it’s ok to talk. What’s the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you? One time I made a natural-gas … on camera, and everyone made fun of me for it… two times actually! One time on my YouTube
channel and I was like… Ylva: Oh no no no, I know
what you’re going to say right now! Matilda: Yeah, cause that happened to us
in the studio… it’s ok to fart! It’s a natural gas! Ylva: What makes a good friend?
it’s just nice and if they’re genuine. And always remember this that I’ve learned… if they’re talking bad about other people, they’re not good friends. Yeah, don’t talk bad about people! Do you have a hidden talent? I have many hidden talents! I can wiggle my ears. I can flare my nostrils. I can do wacky things with my eyes. Make a face like you’re getting slimed… … but it’s SNOT… … but it’s really not. This is probably the most important question of all of our questions today… what’s your favorite emoji? It’s the unicorn. OH, it’s the unicorn! I thought it was the praying one. What advice would you give to the girls out there that look up to you and want to be like you? I’d tell them to just be themselves… cause you have to be like yourself. It’s cool to look up to me and you know wanna be me… but remember to be yourself and follow your dreams too Now we’re going over to the “would
you rather” segment… we will give you two options Would you rather fight one horse-sized
duck or a hundred duck-sized horses 100 duck-sized horses! Wouldn’t that be cute, I love horses! I would pick them up! I would hold it, it would be like a dog! I wouldn’t fight it, first of all… I would just play with it. Dancing or singing?
JoJo: Dinging! Rainbows or sparkles?
JoJo: Sparkles! Sparkles can be rainbow. Surfing the ocean or surfing the internet?
JoJo: Surfing the internet! Would you rather fly or read minds?
JoJo: Fly, definitely fly! I don’t think I want to know what people are thinking. Hakuna matata or YOLO? YOLO! You know, I’ve never seen the Lion King.
Ylva: *freaks out* Ylva: I’m sorry, I need a minute… Would you rather always walk around with a rock in your shoe… or with moist socks? Oh, definitely moist socks.
Matilda: You say it like it’s a good thing! Moist… There’s some ASMR right there for you! Now we’re doing one word questions which means you can only answer with ONE word. What was you latest Google search about?
JoJo: JoJo. *mouthes: I google myself A LOT!* That’s cheating, just one word answers! There’s nothing to see here no no no… If you were a fruit, what would you be?
JoJo: Banana. What’s your biggest pet peeves? Chew. If you had a real horse – what would you name it?
JoJo: Bow Bow Bow Biggest fear?
JoJo: Spiders! You do a great dance in the game – would you mind teaching us? From all of us at Star Stable, thank you so much, we’re so excited to have you in the game. We’ll see more of you in the Fort Pinta disco… see you guys there!

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  1. Guys(the people who don't like that Jojo's here and she's not related to), don't be so mad at the SSO team! They've worked hard, and money is what we need! If you don't like Jojo, just don't do the quests! It's not like we have to pay them in order for them to make more stuff. The SSO team is working hard to entertain our lives, and if you don't want it then don't watch/do. They're coming up for new horses, new quests, and more things in-game for us! Later in the month, they're probably going to give you exciting new quests, new horses, more areas to unlock. This Jojo Siwa quest thing isn't going on and on forever! And you should be proud of them, for being sponsored by Nickelodeon. Jojo's isn't bad, she's cool and is unique in her very own way. I'm quite happy Jojo's here because she's really sweet and we got to hear her new song only in-game! Isn't that really cool? Well I hope the Starfam understand this. Either way, bye!

  2. I really hated when you added Jojo to star stable, but now I understand why you did. She is a great person! Ps; can't wait for the teaser!

  3. It would have been be so cool, if this interview had been there before the Jojo Siwa Update. Liek a teaser. Because she gives really good answers and do a great job as a role model.

  4. I honestly don’t rlly have a problem with jojo like…… what has she rlly done wrong all these ppl are coming at her with hate and she is like oblivious to it! I don’t like LOVE her but know stop with the hate peeps

  5. Star stable I am completely not hating on you at all. But the one thing I don't understand is why are JoJo siwa??? She has nothing to do with horses at all and I think it would be better if you got a famous horse back rider instead. That would make a little more sense, after all it's a horse game. Star stable I hope you read this I think your doing an amazing job with your game on every update you have made me love to play the game now more and more with your latest updates.
    Warm regards,
    Manuela Bluecrest

  6. I'm not a huge fan of JoJo, lol but she is pretty inspiring. The song every girl's a super girl is cool! Also the new dance moves 😎 I love them. They are hilarious and make me want to dance as well.

  7. Im not too much of a big fan of Jojo's music but its great she make it to to game! Im also piped for the new horses!

  8. What has Jojo done to get on SSO? NOTHING she didn't do anything to go on SSO, people on SSO are mad that you added her, we don't like how we yells, we don't like how she doesn't do anything for starstable! and I do things for SSO! please take Jojo off Starstable, in her videos we don't see anything that has starstable in it!

  9. Wait, JoJo is the same height as Ylva and Matilda and she's 14?! Either she's really tall (cuz I'm short) or Ylva and Matilda are short xD

  10. Cool update! I wish I would've seen this earlier. I have some questions though. 1: Could you make more things like this? Once Jojo is gone, you could add a different singer? I'm not saying I don't like her, but she will eventually start to become boring to all the players and she won't have much of a purpose. 2: I am not a horse expert, but could there be such thing as a pinto Lusitano? If so, please make one! I think alot of people would buy it. Yes, I know you are already adding more colors, but just 3 or 2 pintos would make me happy. 3: (These few questions don't relate much to the video) Could you please update the fjords next? Not many people ride them or have them, and I think if you updated them alot of people would commit to getting their reputation up and trying to buy a fjord. 4: (Last question) Could you add the marwari horse? I think it is a very unique horse because of the ears.

  11. JoJo Siwa have nothing to do in the horse game, this was such a bad idea to ad her in that game. I like your game but not at all like her, i dont like her. I just wanted say my opinion.

  12. I literally don’t understand why Jojo is in the game like there is really no reason for her to be in the game???

  13. The only positive I got to say about this is that Matilda is ADORABLE with pig tails. ~(•o•)~

  14. theres a lot of hate about jojo, but you have to hand it to her for being so strong and inspirational for those who do look up to her

  15. Hi star stable I play star stable it is the best I It real true jojo siwa avitar is playing on the star stable

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