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  1. i want to say that joshscorcher helped nc to come up with that idea but i am not entirely sure about that….

  2. Okay since when does that Nostalgia Critic ever uses Animation from Hasbro or when did he learn about Stop Motion after Halloween Month? 

  3. Wow, i would love to see someone make a fanfiction out of this crap, as I would read it.  And this is coming from a guy that NEVER reads fanfictions.  lol

  4. Ok, I realize it won't ever happen, but ever since I saw the ghost rider review, I REALLY wanted to see him in an actual episode of mlp fim

  5. Okay, I've seen NC's Ghost Rider review on YT. Where was the fuck was this scene?
    I've only seen a scene with the Ghost Pony Rider where Fluttershy talks about giving soul for love and that was it. Where did this extra scene come from?

  6. Although I never read mlp fim fanfiction, but I would definitely read one that featured ghost rider pony and flutterbat.  No question.

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