Girl with 2 pussies!
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Girl with 2 pussies!

August 21, 2019

-(announcer) Angela Smith, she’s always been a normal girl right down to one last minor detail: she was born with two pussies. We recently talked to Angela to find out what’s it like to live with two pussies. -People think I’m, you know, weird having two pussies, but really I’m just like anyone else. I eat, I sleep, I go to work, just a little different. -So do you ever feel angry that you have two pussies? -Nah, I was born with two pussies. I mean, they’re in my “genes.” Some guys are turned off, but once most guys find out that I have two pussies, they love it, I mean, when they get tired of playing with one, they can play with the other and sometimes when the night’s getting a little adventurous, they can play with both at the same time. I know I do. You know, it’s just more fun than having one and I love them both just the same, I will till the end. And like I said before, they’re in my “jeans.” Captioned by SpongeSebastian

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  1. What is the name for this phyical phenomena some type of hermaphrodisum?.. are they separate labia covered openings or functional side by side interchangeable openings?.. under the same roof or labia?

  2. It's really sad to make fun someone this is totally a joke I did see the original video of the girl that had to faginas and it ain't nothing like what y'all think

  3. Wow she is soo confusing!!??

    Here is the million dollar question for the doctor!!!!!!!

    which one has the baby
    Option a: east one
    Option b: west one
    Optionc: no one
    Option d: the buthole

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