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Goats and cows

September 1, 2019

We’re in farming country. And every year this farm
opens its doors to the public. Since they have a large number of goats,
they call this the Goat Festival. The animals don’t spend all their time
in the barn, of course. But it does exceed the already
generous minimum specifications. The animal feed is produced on the farm itself. As far as possible, this farm
is organic and self-sufficient. There is, though, one big problem with goats. They will try to eat pretty much anything. Horses are still a very good way to herd cattle. And it’s important to have placid horses
that won’t make the cattle panic. In this demonstration, the cattle
first had to be herded into a pen. Then the bull had to be
separated out into another pen. Unfortunately, this one
was in no mood to co-operate. This isn’t necessarily
typical of a German farm. It’s a small family-run business that puts emphasis on animal welfare
and organic farming methods, believing that this improves
the quality of their produce. Remember, you can always send me
a postcard at this address. You can also find me elsewhere on the web:
visit rewboss.com to find out how.

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  1. fianlly i know how to write Autark. havent been using it in chats for years because of this (ok, i also never used it because i never had to, but now i know how to write it at least) :).

  2. could u make a video about games sometime?
    or how about a video where u watch another video and record your reaction to it? i got a pretty fun suggestion for this: Smile HD by MisterDavie. its a small, funny music video based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, with one of the most uplifting song i ever heard.

  3. All for animal wellfare and more organic farming when it comes to livestock, animals need room, but I spotted the nosering.

  4. How do you know you entered Bavaria? The cows become more attractive than the women. badum-tsh I half expected the sentence to end in "Horse are still a very good… source for meat" which they are. More people should eat horse. Why don't they, actually?

  5. I can see myself like 9 years old running around those hills in shorts… I miss my Spessart homeland. Have you been to Waldmichelbach yet? It's sure worth the footage…

  6. You know Rewboss, you should go back to that farm and get yourself a baby goat. Your wife would love one. Great conversation piece.

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