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Going to DUBAI

August 13, 2019

Hey guys, it’s Karina.>>It’s Ronald and we
are from Sis versus Bro!>>And welcome back
to another Vlog. And today, we’re gonna
be going to Dubai! But that’s not even
the best part, we’re going to be
taking business class for the very first time. We are so excited. We’re just like,
super excited. We’re going to be
going to Madrid and then afterwards
we’re going to have to go to Madrid
to London. And then afterwards, we’re gonna
have to go to London to Dubai. So it’s gonna be a very long flight,
17 hours, plus 1 hour,
plus 2 hours, equals 17. No– No, seven hours,
plus seven hours, plus 2 hours,
plus 1 hour, equals 17 hours. So we’re going to be
in the plane for 17 hours. And here is
my beautiful luggage. I stuck these stickers on
like, last year and I still have it. It’s like, beautiful. And that’s Ronald’s,
very boring. But today we’re going to be going
to Dubai in business class and we’re super excited! So we’re gonna meet
you in the car. Guys! We are in the car.>>Yeah! And we’re heading
to the airport and it’s going to be
a one hour drive. I’m gonna die by then. And here,
I got my awesome bag. It’s like, really heavy
cause I got like, goodies in here and stuff.>>Goodies? Yes, goodies. Yummy. [laughter] So Ronald, what are you
going to bring to the plane?>>Nothing. [giggles]>>Ronald did not
pack anything. Our Mom just had to pack every–
Everything for him and he was just
playing video games. Literally, all day,
all the time. And I was– I was actually being responsible,
packing my stuff. So guys, we’re now
at the airport and we are
in the VIP lounge. It’s the coolest place ever. Look, we get free food. And we got some juice
in wine glasses. It’s like the
coolest thing ever and you have to be really quiet
because it’s really quiet in here, and I like… It’s really quiet.>>Mmh-hmm.
>>Yeah. So guys, we’re in the plane
and this is the smallest plane we’ve ever been in. It’s so tiny, it’s so tiny. So guys, we’re
landing right now. Ronald’s just playing
video games on his phone, doing his usual stuff. And we’re landing. Oh, the plane is
shaking so much. We’re going down,
and then we’re gonna go onto the next plane and the next plane
is gonna be seven hours long. So, it’s going
to be a big plane. Are you excited, Ronald?>>Yeah.
Oh my goodness.>>You look so excited, Ronald.>>Yep, definitely.>>Super excited.>>Guys, look outside.>>We’re going down.>>Bye.>>Okay, guys, we are
at the second airport. The second lounge room and we’re eating
like, sandwiches. This is like, really good. Ronald got some yogurt
on there, some biscuits. I got some biscuits,
and Ronald found like two computers.>>No, that was TVs.
>>TVs. Two TVs.
TVs, like, TVs. And you can
play games on them.>>And one had Fortnite,
up and running.>>Yeah.
And also, there is a shower. So if you want to take a shower,
go ahead, take a shower.>>And a sleeping room.
>>Uh-hmm. Crazy. And guys, believe it or not,
they also have ice cream here. Ice cream. It’s my favorite– One of my favorite
brands of ice cream. And I got Dulce de Leche,
it’s Spanish name.>>Sweet milk.
>>Sweet milk. And Ronald
got the same. And we’re just like,
living the life of ice cream. So we just came out of
the VIP lounge, and now we’re going
to the second plane. And this time, we’re gonna
have like you know a bed. Theres gonna be like,
awesome food.>>Luxury.>>Yeah.
Foot massage. So this is my seat,
I am snuggled with my phone. There’s my phone? And Ronald’s right next to me.
>>How do I work this?>>How do you
move the table? Okay guys,
I’ll show you a magic. Right here, alright.
So, take a look. Right, look see, right here. So, I’ll press
this marvelous button. Beautiful.>>>This is so unique.>>And then I press
this marvelous button. Like that. And then… That’s so cool.>>Oh my goodness. Oh, I think we
can pull this up.>>What? Bye bye, Karina!>>How do I lock it here?>>Oh wait,
there’s like a button.>>Where?>>That one.
Yeah, that one.>>Oh, it’s gonna go.>>It even goes down.>>This is so cool.>>Oh wait, Karina,
there’s like a box down here.>>A box?
Where?>>Here.>>So guys, here,
we could take out the remote. Like that. Take it out. We can use the remote
for the TV when its open. And then, pull it
some more, alright. And it goes right back in.>>…your own
a cinema over here. That’s right.>>That is so cool.
>>I have imaginary popcorn. And I could just say
bye-bye to you>>Hey, Ronald, no, no!
Ronald! I don’t need Ronald, all I need
is my charger for my phone. It’s so cool. Charger for my phone. This is so awesome. I feel amazing. This is so cool.>>But how do the
seat belts works though?>>They don’t, they just
have to go on your knees. Pull myself up. Ah, this is the life. And I could grab my
little remote from here, and I could just
watch some TV. So guys, check this out. I got like a chicken panini sandwich
or whatever it is. I got like a
chocolate cake here. Some orange juice,
whole milk for some reason. And here,
what is this? I have no idea what this is. Maybe some kind of chocolate bar,
like, I don’t know.>>It’s like, butter.>>And I got some almonds. And Ronald’s getting
the same thing. Delicious. So, we just came out of the plane,
and now we’re gonna go to the third lounge room,
VIP lounge room.>>Yeah.
>>And right now, we’re in London. First time ever in London.>>But we’re not
gonna go outside.>>We’re not going outside
of the airport. We’re gonna go look
for the VIP lounge.>>We’ve been to
so many new countries but just not
been outside.>>Yeah. So we’re gonna look
for the VIP lounge, and then we’re gonna
take the plane, seven-hour plane to Dubai.>>And then that’s where
the action starts.>>Yep. Guys, soon, we’re gonna be
boarding on to the plane. I am really, really excited. Are you, Ronald?
>>Mhm.>>I think this is gonna be the best plane
because it’s seven hours long, and hopefully,
the tablets will be working and I think they’re gonna
be giving us like, blankets and pillows because
it’s gonna be so long, and we’re probably we’ll be sleeping. Cause the last one’s only
three hours long.>>Yeah.
>>I’m really excited.>>Stretch.>>I’m so excited. So, let’s just get on
to the plane here. So guys, since we’re
in London, shout-out to you guys
who live in London! You guys are awesome! Yeah, yeah, yeah! Okay. Right now, we’re walking
through the tube, to get to the plane. And it’s really loud
here for some reason.>>I’m cold, I’m cold, I’m cold.>>We’re all cold. [hiccup] I have hiccups too. I hate hiccups. I wanna sit
right next to you. I dibs right next to you.>>Okay, go pick a spot.>>I wanna sit here. Next to you, Ronald. This is nice. We get pillows.
What is this? I think in here,
we have a blanket. This is so awesome. Oh, this is way better
than last time. we get to sit right next
to each other. What’s this thing?>>So, we don’t have
to close doors on each other. Oh wait, can we close
doors on each other?>>We can close doors. Sort of.
Not really. This is the biggest
door we can get. There we go.
That’s good. That’s better.>>This is just
gonna be the best!>>Wait, what is this? Oh, headphones. I already brought
my own headphones.>>I don’t have headphones.>>So, I’m just gonna
sit down, relax. So guys, now we’re ready to have
the best flight of our lives. I’m so excited.>>I am taking what I want.
Check!>>Okay guys,
check this out. My space just turned
into one big bed. There’s room for
one more head.>>Good night, even
though it’s only 9:30.>>Hey guys,
Karina cam here. And now we’re gonna make
ourselves a fort, cause Ronald doesn’t want to.>>Karina [inaudible] by the way.>>Get into your forts. Ronald, get in the fort. Get in here or the forts. Get in here or the fort
will come to you.>>Why is it blue? Because the covers are blue.>>What?>>My butt is sticking out from the fort,
but that’s okay. [laughter] Alright. This is so awesome,
we’re in the fort. Yeah! So guys,
now it’s the morning. I didn’t sleep that much. Mostly cause I
was kinda eating candy. And Ronald,
are you tired?>>Yeah.>>All right,
and here is our breakfast. So, we got some smoothie
and watermelon, and Ronald got the same thing. And we we’re supposed to
get oatmeal as well, but those have nuts in them,
so we had this breakfast. It looks pretty good, though. So guys, we just came
out of the plane and now we’re
looking for a taxi. Taxi, taxi, taxi.>>We got our luggages and we went through
all of the lines and security.>>And we’re totally ready
for our hotel. So guys, I just found out
that I lost my phone in the plane. I’m really upset. I don’t have
a phone anymore. It’s not—
I’m not very happy about that. You know, that’s that. I can’t really
change it anymore.>>Look what I found.>>Where did you find it?>>Lost and found.>>It’s marvelous.>>Was it actually in
lost and found?>>I told you there was
a lost and found.>>You’re lucky this time. Very lucky.>>I know.>>But your luck just ran out. Your luck just ran out. Guys, I’m so happy
cause you know what this guy did? Guess what he did.
Guess what he did. He found my phone. I told him there was like— No, just go look in the lost and found it has to be in
the lost and found. There has to be like a lost
and found in here. And he was like, no,
there’s no lost and found here. No phone for you forever. And then he found it,
and then guess what he said— He said he found it
in the lost and found. I told you so.>>You’re brilliant Karina.
>>I know. I’m so happy, I thought I was
gonna have a terrible vacation. But now, my frown
has turned upside down. And I’m keeping it inside my bag
until I get to the hotel because I don’t want
to lose it again. It’s not gonna fall out. And I’m not gonna touch it
until I get to the hotel cause I don’t want
to lose it again. So guys, we have
our car now. And we’re feeling
awesome like usual. And it’s really hard to believe
that we’re actually in Dubai cause It’s really
not hot here. It’s actually
really cold here– No, really cool here. And it’s really hard to believe
that we’re actually in Dubai. I feel like we’re
just in LA, you know?>>Yeah. And we spotted some
of the cool buildings like the world’s … uh…>>Tallest building.
>>World’s tallest building, and the hotel it has seven stars. We’re not going to that hotel,
we’re going to another hotel, on one of the fake islands.>>They have fake islands? Yeah,
they have two or some— Two or three of like,
palm trees or something and then one like of the world. It’s really cool. Alright.
>>Oh my goodness, there’s so much construction.>>Oh my gosh. Look at that.
>>I feel like a criminal.>>Why?>>Driving through it all.>>It’s like gonna
collapse any moment. Look at that.>>There’s just—>>It’s just a disaster
waiting to happen. Guys, check it out. That’s the world’s
tallest building.>>We’re getting closer
and closer.>>We finally got close enough
so you guys can actually see it. So tall.>>Doesn’t look that big
on the camera.>>It doesn’t look that big. Maybe cause it’s
like super far away, still. So guys, we are at the hotel. And these people just
opened the doors for us.>>And we are on the sea. They opened the doors they’re like… I was like, ooh,
thank you, fancy. I feel super special. Let’s go, come on. Ooh!
Look at it. It’s so cool looking. Look at that. It’s so cool. So guys, we’re in the hotel room,
and we’re not gonna show you it yet because we’re evil. And we’re gonna make
you wait for the next episode
of vlogging in Dubai. So guys, we hope
you liked this video. If you did, smash that
like button and we’ll see you all next time. Good bye.

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