Google Glass Sex App Created By London Developer
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Google Glass Sex App Created By London Developer

August 25, 2019

Well, I think we all saw this coming, listen
to this. “So, this app called Sex with Glass basically
it allows you as your ‘doing the deed’ to see what your partner is seeing.” Just months after Google gave a firm ‘no’
to sexually explicit content, Sherif Maktabi, a developer in London has released information
about his new creation, Sex With Glass. The founder tells the Guardian the project
started off with the simple question “how can we make sex more awesome with Google Glass?” The answer, at least for Maktabi and his team,
is all included in the specs for his new product, which is not available to the public just
yet. The main feature is the ability to switch
your point of view and see what your partner is seeing. With a little extra wiring you
can control lights and music in the house through the app. And if you want to relive
the night, Sex With Glass customers can watch a replay video. But the folks at Gizmodo are a little unsure
about “Sex with Glass” writing, “Why would anybody actually want to see their partner’s
point-of-view while having sex? Isn’t that incredibly weird? ​What if you get a text
from your mom​?” Along with how ‘not-sexy’ headgear during
four play must be, Mashable says this particular product screams privacy concerns. ” … it’s already clear that Google Glass
is hackable. Sex With Glass would represent the ultimate target for creepy hackers with
a peep show fetish.” Google hasn’t commented on the new product
but its stance on sexually explicit content is pretty clear. In response, the Sex with Glass founder told
The Guardian, “People at Google know. And they are happy and had a good laugh. But I
don’t know what Google ‘the thing’ thinks of what we are doing.” Sex With Glass is also working on an iphone
app which is expected to be released in early February.

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