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August 12, 2019

Hey guys welcome back to my youtube
channel I recently won a Kingsland giveaway the
prizes arrived last Friday so I wanted to unbox this with you I’m so happy Oh my god
got so this box is huge huge huge so the first prize was the kingsland Classic
Collection wraps or classic wraps this package brings four of them and let’s
see how they feel first of all the fabric is really good but they are huge
like oh my god they are just regular Navy bandage wraps they have the Kingsland logo here they are really cool but I guess they will be too big for Gali the next prize were the Kingsland stable
bandages I love this bag yeah every time I go to a tack shop I look at them
and I feel that if I bought them I would never use them because they are just too
pretty but let’s open it oh my god yeah really cool yeah they look really well made but not
strong enough for Gali’s teeth I don’t know I just feel that if I buy him
only pretty things expensive things he will destroy everything so yeah they are just like this you can
see the Kingsland logo over here and the bag is just like this with the logo
on the two sides it brings four of them so I guess Gali with these prizes will be
super protected I love Kingsland I don’t know it’s just one of my favorite brands
I love their products I would spend everything on Kingsland if I could yeah
but let’s move on the last thing was or is my favorite thing I love it to death
and it’s a Kingsland classic stable rug oh my god Ahhhh I’m sure I will only use
this on shows because it’s so pretty that I don’t want to damage it I really don’t it’s ready I don’t even know what to say it’s really pretty
that’s everything I can say it’s a regular rug but “so que” I was starting to
speak in Portuguese it’s so pretty it’s really pretty as I said but otherwise
it’s just a regular stable rug you can see the inside it says Kingsland all
over it I love the Navy with the red or burgundy the fabric is really cool this will definitely keep Gali warm the metals are really cool as well it
has the protections I guess it goes a little bit for the
neck and then there’s how we will put it over all the rug is really cool really
good quality I always thought that Kingsland rugs were a little bit too
expensive but for the quality I had no idea that they had this quality if
I spend a hundred euros on a rug I will spend a hundred thirty-nine on this I
guess let me see one eternity later no I was wrong like
my rug the one that Gali has now costed me like 100 euros this one costs 159
yeah it’s a it’s a bit more but the quality is so good and it even brings a
bag so yeah right now that I own this I would totally spend more 59 euros to
get this one the quality is amazing yeah I didn’t even know they were this good and I love Kingsland so that’s weird
This is everything I got I’m completely in love with everything
and I will do a shoot with Gali and then post a review of the products on my
blog So I have said everything I wanted I have shown you everything so guys I don’t have anything else to
show you Please if you liked this video give me a thumbs up subscribe the
channel and wait for the next video

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