Gottes stille Rebellen – Die Amish in den Rocky Mountains (2)

August 20, 2019

Those kind of people that come in and proclaim to do big things that they could heal people and do wonders it sounds so great but it’s not about big things It’s about beeing meek and humble as Christ came to the world he wasn’t a significant person. The Pharisees made big things they build synagogues and proselytize heathen to judaism. Christ was different he was always humble, so it’s till this day. People come along and talk about awanking and renewel that’s all a big deception. Ora on it’s way to his old home, the Amish community of Rexford One hour away from Libby and near to the border with Canada. From time to time, he is drawn back, where he spent the most years of his life and where his elder children grew up. The Amish of Rexford are very traditional Very few influences from outside affect the community, the area is situated far away from all important roads Economically the situation here for the pious people is bad which has been one of the main causes why Ora and his family left Rexford and moved to Libby for a new life. Whenever Ora comes to Rexford he always visits his old house, that he himself built with his bare hands. The old coache, how long did he drive it… We grew up with horses, we always had horses We did farming with horses, we rode the horses, used them for transportation, drove our coaches with them. The work with the horses was our way of farming practices and take care of the land By accident’ Ora meets his nephew Mike from Wisconsin on the street, who also paid a visit to Rexford They didn’t see each other since 4 years and both have some storys to tell Ora invides Mike to Libby. In a week he wants to visit them. For the young people of Libby Volley ball isn’t just about Sport but a chance to get in contact with others On sunday boys and girls from other communities come in. On one side also the young people act cosmopolitan and on the other side they are glad to be among their own kind. How often comes Orpha’s boyfriend Steve, to Libby? He is amish too I come here every weekend to church…and to see Orpha. I live in a small community 60 miles from here. And when you get married, where you will live? Is there a certain rule in the Community for this? Normally the woman moves to where the husband lives That’s the rule? Yes but we don’t know for sure. Is it a traditon? Yes You might say that. Since Ora doesn’t work in the saw mill anymore, he helps his wife in the household. This is not the norm. Amish work is separated for men and women. This also includes that the man does the talking. At least at the outside. But everything seems to change. The generation living now cares for other things. My sons helped because it was necessary, they were feeling it. The next generation doesn’t feelt it anymore because they have given everything it is quite normal to them. What we trying to do is simply to live what we believe in and we hope that the next generation shares the same views. But most time this comes until later and probaly we won’t see it come in our live. In Montana sometimes autumn begins early september. It’s harvesttime by the Amish of Libby. Loyd is unearthing potatoes and krumbeeren in his garden. Pumpkins are reaped and giant-sized zucchinis. At the same time by Ora and Orpha Once again it’s slaughtering day. Joeth and his wife Rebecca lending their parants a caring hand In the washkitchen several chickens are getting professional plucked The chickens are plunged into boiling water, so it is easier to pluck them. This here is the old world of the Amish in which Ora and Orpha feel at home: Working and singing together, that’s the way it should be. There is probably no amish family, which does not producing apple butter in autumn. The two process large quantities of apples, the apple butter attracts great sales. First, the apples must be chopped and then cooked We cook the apples and make apple sauce. Then put it back in the kettle apple whine or water are added and then boiled 4 or 5 hours until it is apple butter. Once this is full, this is the last load, we beginn the pressing with this squeezer. We get about 60 to 70 liter from one compression. The finnished apple butter, a creamy, viscous, tasty mass and then filled in the ready glasses. The Amish love apple butter, especially as spread and dessert. Tradition and Progress are close to each other by the Amish of Libby. But what will happen when the grandparents generation no longer exist? The future will tell Clearly the priorities of the young people lie elsewhere. We never had a definite order who to dress or do things We had a lot of freedoms We don’t even drive with horse and carriage anymore We also have connections to the outside We are not locked up here We are free to speak about god as much as we like… of course, without being extreme. I don’t consider my cloth to be make me more righteous Why should i change? I grew up this way and I don`t see the necessity to change. Freedom comes in Christ it has nothing to do with what you like. Redeemed by Christ, makes you really free. That’s the freedom i’m seeking To live our life like what pleases us that is not freedom. The Amish have somewhat remained a mystery to the outside world After we moved to Libby, God invited us to share our belive with others It’s not just for us, it’s about the benefit of men, It’s about receiving God’s blessings To share his love for us with others After the Amish of Libby had decided to share their belief, For some time past strangers haunt the Amish divine service on sunday morning Tradition and Progress here too Young people who go with coffee cup to church and older amish who look like their ancestors hundreds of years ago In their worship service they sing the old songs of the anabaptist movement hymnbook. It’s the oldest singing book ever used from a christian church without interruption. Ora and Orphas world is for today in order. In everyday life the amish of Libby don’t drive with horse and carriage anymore. Only sometimes, on sunday afternoon gives Loyd his children a ride through town and he thinks back to the time when this was not just a sunday venture but a part of daily live of the amish generations The past and the present, are close together by the Amish of Libby. As Loyd had said: Our religious heritage will stay forever, we will never give up our values of family and community.

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