Government offers $1,000 to people willing to adopt a wild horse – Daily News
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Government offers $1,000 to people willing to adopt a wild horse – Daily News

August 11, 2019

The U.S. Government is offering $1,000 to people willing to adopt a wild horse or burro to target an overpopulation of animals on public lands  The Adoption Incentive Program aims to reduce recurring costs associated with caring for wild horses and burros It wants to help the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) confront a growing over-population of wild horses and burros on public range lands, BLM said in a statement Both wild horses and burros are federally protected since 1971, when the Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act was signed into law  The animals are also considered a powerful symbol of the American West and have long been immortalized in movies and literature According to the law, the animals are protected from ‘capture, branding,harassment, or death ‘The $1,000 incentive is offered to those who adopt a wild horse or burro that is eligible for a new home after March 12 can receive $500 within 60 days of the adoption, in addition to another $500 within 60 days of ‘titling the animal ‘ Share this article Share Most of the U.S.’s estimated 75,000 wild horses live on public lands which are generally large expanses that the government controls in the American West Preservation societies and government agencies encourage the public to visit and view North America’s wild horses as long as it is done from a respectful distance There are over 45,000 wild horses currently in holding areas, costing taxpayers about $50 million annually  The U.S. Department of Interior sought to address this expense in 2018 budget by lifting regulations that prevent slaughtering wild horses If slaughtering wild horses becomes legal, some animal rights activists are concerned that these horses will become extinct In January concerns were raised over BLM’s practice of using helicopters to herd horses off public lands and sometimes permanently put them into holding facilities in an effort to control their population Simone Netherlands, an animal rights activist, told ABC News in January:  ‘Sometimes these horses get stampeded for miles and miles ‘The BLM, the very agency in charge of protecting them, is asking Congress for permission to kill them,” Netherlands said  ‘They’ve stockpiled wild horses in holding pens and so now what are they going to do with all the horses that they’ve stockpiled?  ‘The adoption rates are not high enough so they can’t adopt them all out So now we have a bunch of wild horses that the taxpayers are paying for and holding facilities and their solution is kill them ‘But Lisa Reid, a BLM spokesperson, said the agency’s goal is to always have healthy horses on healthy range lands ‘There’s three things that wild horses need: food, water and obviously space.’As you can see we do have millions of acres out here, but not every acre is producing viable forage for the horses  ‘So you know just as with any type of species they have to be managed just so that they don’t become overpopulated and diseased.’She added: ”By our count we are overpopulated by sometimes 300 percent on most of our herd management areas ‘The Bureau of Land Management is a public agency. We have to answer to all groups . So we have to try and find that balance to make sure that we can do what’s best for the horses ‘ 

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