Gov’t Says “Naaayyyy” to Horse Massage
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Gov’t Says “Naaayyyy” to Horse Massage

October 17, 2019

This is Celeste Kelly. She’s a privately
certified equine massage therapist. Don’t worry, we’ll explain what that is
in a minute. The state of Arizona is threatening her with thousands of
dollars in fines and jail time for simply massaging horses.
I’ve beem doing equine massage for a little over 10 years. Equine
massage is assisting the horse to release tight muscles, tension and get full range
of motion so that it can perform. Celeste’s
business was booming until the Arizona Veterinary
Board sent Celeste two cease and desist letters giving her
two options: become a licensed veterinarian or
massage horses for free. To become a licensed vet I would
have to leave the the state of Arizona because there are
no accredited vet schools in Arizona. I would have to pay hundreds
of thousands of dollars in tuition and four years at an institution where
equine massage is not taught. I don’t know any veterinarians in Arizona
who massage horses, so I take my horse Orien to Celeste. There
has been a 180 degree difference in Orien since Celeste started massaging
him two years ago. if I couldn’t use Celeste anymore I’m not
really sure what would happen to our riding. Once his muscles start to tighten up,
it’s really difficult for us to do the things that we need to do to enjoy each
other. This is Diana Simpson, Celeste’s attorney. A massage therapist doesn’t need a
medical degree to massage humans, so why should an equine massage
therapist need a veterinary degree to massage horses? I have private certification in equine
massage. My clients continue to come back to me, I
just want to be able to continue to practice my craft and keep
these animals happy. So, what is Celeste doing
about it? She’s teaming up with the Institute for
Justice to wrangle this law off the books in court.

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  1. crappy idiots first  deal with the unrightful killing of animals for fur,feather , ivory aphrodisiac….. a long list. einfach blöd 

  2. gee i could have sworn that threats, duress and coercion negated any contract entered into, such as a LICENSE! 

  3. Yea, equine massage, very dangerous, right up there with raw milk!  Our government needs to be replaced before we all get out sourced!

  4. Yeah…here we go…Vets resent anybody who provides services that impact their profits…even from services that they either don't provide or have little training in, like dentistry. Most vets bite the big one when it comes to dental work for horses. They get less than a days training in school and they OFTEN screw the job up. Equine dentists get a study of the structure of the mouth and dental needs and they take their time addressing the horse's comfort in chewing. They're not in a hurry to get to the next job.  In this state, NY, vets filed suit against dentists for providing the service without a license. THE VETS LOST IN COURT. The message therapists should study the case here and base their defense on the same principles. If vets do not provide these services they have no right to demand cease and desist.

  5. Are human Massage therapist required to get an MD? This is stupid!!  How many AZ vet's are certified Massage therapist?  What about farriers?  Do they have to be Vet's?  What about hay growers do they have to be vets? Grain vendors? You can see where this is going.

  6. fight the good fight.  It's stupid to have to go to a veterinarian school for massages.  She's not doing medical stuff.  So get into court and duke it out

  7. Oh, look! The AZ Vet Board is having a tantrum! Don't they look funny rolling around on the floor, kicking & screaming? SUE THEIR BRITCHES OFF!

  8. The government couldn't find a way to get their filthy hands in her pockets so they created a bogus regulation to do it. THATS ALL THEY ARE GOOD FOR!

  9. oh cha-ching, looks like the veterinary board wants the revenue, can't pay your dues if you don't have a vet lic, but humans can be massage therapists with out a doctors licence – follow the money…..

  10. Seriously! Arizona you need to get your shit together…. -_- every other state can compromise just fine with the people but nnnaaaahhhh you have to be the only one that complains about everything… 
    God bless this lady for standing up for herself! All the more power to her. Support her 100%

  11. Institute for Justice. If you start an online petition, I'm sure you would get a lot of support for this case. I would certainly sign it. This is too crazy to let stand.

  12. The answer to this would be to boycott vets for routine care. It's a major part of their income and if you learn to do your own shots and worming, you'll save money on every treatment AND you'll back them off on this attack.

  13. I think the temporary solution here for Celeste should be pretty simple.  While she is fighting to get the law changed, she could simply sell her service as a short term "horse sitter" where she cares for the horse and charges her regular massage therapy fee but calls it a "trainer fee" or "temporary care fee" if that is allowed by law.  Those who know what she does to "train" or "care for" their horse and want the horse massaged will still gladly pay her fee.

  14. so, this vet quack has been ripping off horse owners, probably selling them all kinds of bullshit about all the ailments that her bullshit "massage therapy" has been curing, and a regulatory board finally stepped in a put a stop to it. am i supposed to see a problem with this?

  15. This country gets zanier by the second. Holy shit what's next? Hundreds of thousands of dollars being trained as a registered licensed girl scout cookie sales representative? This government is OUT OF CONTROL.

  16. I saw a video of a horse "massage" once. Started out innocent enough but ended with the guy sitting missionary on a hay bail while getting rammed balls-deep by a stallion. Not sure if he had a license to do that or not though…

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