Grave Hunters | Sand Wash Basin Wild Horse Reserve Colorado
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Grave Hunters | Sand Wash Basin Wild Horse Reserve Colorado

November 4, 2019

About a year ago Mr. Martini and I were in
Northwest Colorado and we came across something that we found very disturbing
today on Colorado martini it’s taken me a year of research to
figure out what we saw at a horse refuge just outside of Craig Colorado around
Labor Day last year Mr. Martini and I decided to take an adventure up to
Northwest Colorado we were actually there to film the sandhill cranes and
why we were there we came across all these wonderful places to see and film
so we did find the sandhill cranes but we also found out that there was this
horse refuge just outside of Craig Colorado so we decided one day that we
were gonna go spend the entire day out there and film the wild mustangs that
populate that area we first got to the area we went to the information sign
that was right at the entrance and there were some other people there for the
same reason to take pictures of the mustangs so we decided to buddy up with
them because we had no cell service and this was a really desolate area so what
I love about this is that we it says that there’s the 3 R’s of unexploded
ordnance awareness so I guess that there’s all these bombs there’s one
exploded in this area you know what these are I
mean what did they do used to come out here and practice I guess yeah the
Rockets are from planes the 40 millimeters from probably cannon rounds
rocket debris all this on the bottom is the 40 millimeter and then what’s this up on the top do
you familiar with that looks like a bomb so they’re all done growing flying
rocket debris so okay continued on our way trying to find the Mustangs we’re
having a lot of problems finding them that was really really taken back on how
desolate this area really was it made me very very concerned about the horses
that live there and especially the Colts this area is very desert II there’s
little water and really little food so I am in Northwest Colorado right now at
San wash a basin it’s the horse management area that is managed by the
BLM that Bureau of Land Management and this is where they have several wild
mustangs that are descendants from the wild mustangs from the west
conquistadors so they’re out here and I’m actually looking at some just to my
left they have this wonderful loop that you can drive around and get into the
backcountry and try to find these wild horses they’re absolutely beautiful so
I’ve always kind of thing about wild mustangs I’ve just always like to seek
them out and take pictures of them especially in the winter they have these
beautiful furry coats and they just have this different mannerism and look about
them than a regular domesticated horse unfortunately they seem to always put
these horses and manage them in really harsh areas so we finally found a we
could get closer pictures of these horses they’re absolutely beautiful
their manes are long and silky you had to stay a hundred feet away from
them and they don’t seem to really bother with us but they’re just you
their mains are just gorgeous I’ve never seen Mane’s that look like that they’re
just amazing they’re amazed main Zee so basically these horses have just been
dropped off on a moonscape and then you see a ton of vegetation so we’ve met some other people why we’re
looking for the horses and this lady showed me a postcards that she bought in
Maybelle that have the names of a horses to look for so on her way out I’m gonna
totally pick those up but if you come out here you definitely want to do that
so we’re driving along and we’ve noticed that all those white pieces that a lot
of times are both oh I’m back at the car and sure enough there are some bones
they’re just they’re everywhere you think that’s a coyote so this area we’re up on this Ridge I
mean there’s that looks like horse poop there right and that look like horse
poop there amongst the bones everywhere you walk I mean I’m seeing bones all
over the place like this is a feeding area for something but I’m also seeing a
lot of the horse poopie I mean here’s some more bones and more bones bones
kind of freaky there’s like bones everywhere all this white that you’re
seeing out in this field those are all bones this whole field is
like littered with them I mean over here are some spines it’s just like really
creepy there’s they’re all over here something brings its prey here or I
totally have to figure it out no matter where I look I’m seeing bones I mean as
far as my eye can see ko bung yard thing is just it’s really
freaky there just the bones are everywhere and they’re definitely a
small animal and when you look at their the skulls that you find in look up
bleach talk about bleach bones when you take a look at the skulls and you look
at the tea they’re not need eaters so it’s not like they’re dead coyotes and
there’s horse poop everywhere it’s almost like these are breeding horses
and then you know you’re in a very desolate place when you come across
bones I’m assuming that these are horse bones it was it wasn’t that big after we returned from our trip I
contacted the BLM and the wild horse wires for the sand wash basin to see if
I could find out what the bones were all about
I sent both organizations my footage and GPS coordinates and after a year both
confirmed this is what is called a sheep camp so what’s a sheep camp well to my
surprise it turns out that in the United States West we have nomadic sheep
herders the story goes around the 1850s some Basque families came to California
during the gold rush days after the gold rush they turned to sheep herding and
expanded throughout the American West today some of these Bascom Eric uns are
still raising sheep and they live a nomadic life in their distinctive wagons
living off the land when I first heard this was a sheep camp all that went
through my head was these sheep herders slaughtering
these animals one by one and just leaving their bones behind but it turns
out that these sheep and the sheep herder were victims of a horrible
blizzard that hit Colorado more than 20 years ago this horrible blizzard
stranded the sheep herder and his flock in this barren place and it killed most
of his sheep but he survived so wage think of the wild horses when
I’ve discovered is it the wild horses are kind of like the hippies of the
animal kingdom they moved out to the desert and grew
their manes long quit wearing shoes make sure to check out the links in the
description they help support this channel and thank you so much for coming
by you have no idea how much we appreciate it

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  2. Absolutely fascinating. Amazing story. Thank you for taking us on this journey. So tragic for the sheep 🐑 herders. Those wild horses are beautiful. 👍🏼🙏🤗

  3. One pregnant momma in there too from what l could see, they are magnificant to see in real life, though what a harsh place for them to live though. We have Brumbies here out in the bush and they are really incredible wild horses too. l am glad you found out what all the bones were all about and always interesting to hear the history you bring to your videos.

  4. Very beautiful and interesting presentation! Great job! I really liked it!
    Enjoyed in full! Thank you for your friendship, dear friend! Have a wonderful day!

  5. We have been there! This is so awesome you shared this! We lived in Grand Junction for about 5 years and moved to Rangely while I went to Dental Hygiene school! We live about 2.5 hours from Rangely right now!

  6. i love your intro! some of the best adventures are the ones you find by accident – we have sandhill cranes here in eastern oregon too – they are awesome! beautiful horses! the sheep farmers had to fight wars with the cattle farmers out here back in the day too…. interesting video! love the comparison of the horses with the hippies…. wonder if they ad any micro-buses? 🙂

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  8. Amazing that you call your husband Mr. Martini… I should call Colin Mr. Sharman!!!! Amazing places you visit……………. loved this video…. The horses are beautiful………………. Bombs….. scary… and no mobile signal…. wow! You are brave…. Please always watch at least 1 minute of every video  or else your visit won't count… I suppose you know that… but just in case!

  9. Sorry I missed the Premiere. Trying to keep up with everything has been harder lately than it should be. Love the wild horses I have seen

  10. Wow!! Hi My Dear Colorado Martini, This Is A Really Great & Wonderful Awesome "We Found A Mysterious Boneyard | in a Colorado Desert" Vid Upload Here By You, My Wonderful Dear Friend!! I Loved It Alot!! Big Thumbs Up Like # 87 For You, My Dear Friend!! Stay Blessed & Have A Great & Wonderful Awesome Happy Safe Week, My Dear Colorado Martini, My Wonderful Best Dear Friend!! – Big Will 🙂

    – Big Will / God's Heaven Universe

  11. What a great story thanks so much for sharing with us about the Basque and the sheep bones . Hard to imagine what it was like living after the gold rush . Big like 88 my friends hope you had an amazing journey be safe . 👍😎 LoL Hippies of the animal kingdom.

  12. I've not heard of too many sheep herders. There can't be too many of them out there. I'm glad the shepherd made it through the blizzard though! I think Mr. Martini is spot on with the hippy horse comment 😂! That looked like a fun trip! It amazes they can live off what little there seems to eat there!

  13. Awesome video guys! Wow, I was so relieved to find out what that boneyard was all about. All kinds of images were going through my head. The horses are beautiful. Omg, hippies, that's hilarious. Thank you so much for putting this together and sharing it.

  14. Not many countries still have wild horses, they are really beautiful. Interesting story about the blizard, excellent video!

  15. So interesting!! I knew about the Basque shepherd in California there are some rock towers that the shepherds used for navigational points, but had no idea about the Colorado connection!

  16. You seem to find a lot of poop too. lol. That's interesting. I had no idea there were people that did this. Must have been a bad blizzard.

  17. Beautiful video! Such beautiful scenery. The bone footage is really interesting too. I would love to visit an area like this.

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  22. Hi dear CM, what an amazing video…never seen anything quite like that! Enjoyed your narrative and the horses look magnificent! Thanks for this enjoyable share…have a wonderful day my friend 😊

  23. It's awesome how you guys share the historical information that you have discovered about the places you visit. This is an a wonderful video and I watched in full. Cheers to sharing knowledge and to being amazing!! 💜💜💜

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  26. Wow what an interesting story about the Sheep herders…. it's great you followed up and contacted them. Awwww to bad about the poor sheep herder and the blizzard that stranded him and his sheep. I bet he was upset his sheep didn't make it, but he was lucky to survive!!! Those Hippies's Lol Lol Great story! LIKE ; )

  27. Two of my big friends had an interesting trip to a desert, which was very barren, but I found the horses to be very fat. They look really strong!…

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  29. What? There are unexplored bombs just laying around out there? I’d stay away from there! The horses don’t look like they are starving or anything so that’s good. That’s a lot of bones to just be laying around

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