Grooming a Horse – The Victorian Way
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Grooming a Horse – The Victorian Way

August 16, 2019

Morning, I’m John Barker, I’m one of the
grooms here at Audley End. I’ve just finished mucking out one of the
stables and I’m about to go groom one of the horses. You can give me a hand if you
like. Come with me and I’ll show you how. This is Harvey, he’s calm, steady and reliable,
which is ideal for a Lady who likes to ride side saddle, which is just what I’m going
to prepare him for now. Morning Harvey! I’ve just had word from the house that Miss
Willoughby wants to leave in quarter of an hour, so I’d better get a move on. Once he’s had a good going over he’s ready
for the tack, now our Lady visitor naturally rides side saddle so Harvey’s tack is quite
different to that of Lord Braybrooke’s horse. Now it usually takes me twelve minutes to
get the horse groomed, tacked and over to the house. I hope I’ve not delayed myself nattering
away to you. Better get up there I suppose. Come on ‘tck ‘tck

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  1. I really love your videos and your work! Thank you very much for this lovely video! I know now what I will visit next time in England 🙂 greetings from Germany

  2. Pah, you call that a grooming? A few strokes of a soft brush and a few scraps of a hoof pick? No curry comb? No dandy brush? For shame!!

  3. I learned nothing about how to groom a horse the Victorian way. Did they use the three step curry comb, hard brush, soft brush method? You could have at least mentioned something like the safest places to stand while picking out the horse's hooves.

  4. This guy is a splitting image of the cob I learned to ride on, exact same temperment as well, less white on the face and I would have mistaken him for the same horse!

  5. If the groom is as calm, steady, and reliable as the horse is, I think I'd prefer to ride him bareback. 😉

  6. May I be so bold as to say, Mr. Barker is a fitty and if there were no objections I would probably snog him! ?

  7. 40 some years ago I was allowed to take riding lessons. That meant I WAS ALLOWED TO BE NEAR A HORSE!!!!!!! It was at a proper riding academy that taught proper English riding. We were allowed to help groom and tack up the horses for the lessons. BLISS!!!! I would be covered in horse hair and spit, and that glorious horsey smell. My mother NEVER understood; as soon as I got home from my lesson she made me have a shower and put my clothes in the wash. I met the love of my life there, a beautiful thoroughbred, who for some reason took a shine to me. I was 13-14, and ugly with it. Zero self esteem. But this horse, the most popular horse in the school, thought I was special.
    Girls need horses like fish need water.

  8. Guessing from those handful of dislikes, barn witches must have passed by…People can't even appreciate any kind of video that happens to include a horse anymore without getting all caught up in doing things "proper" (according to them), smh. This was a lovely video, glad I came across your channel! You make such enchanting productions!

  9. Not exactly a how to video about how horses were groomed in Victorian times, but Mr. Barker has a winning smile for sure. I guess horses are groomed the same way nowadays — curry, brush, smooth — except we now have silicone hair polish for the tangley parts.

  10. What's with the roached mane? This was not informational whatsoever. You didn't explain how to pick feet, the dandy brush, curry comb, how to handle it move it from the horse.

  11. What’s his accent? I’m not a native English speaker and it reminds me of an Irish accent, but that seems unlikely since this is English Heritage.

  12. I love history and I love horses, but I don't love when someone leading the horse With only one hand. At all the stables I have been at you would never get away With. It's a very important safety rule.

  13. More from the stables, please- hunters, the carriage horses, even just a tour of the barn!
    And that clipped in EH quarter mark was cute!

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