Guinness World Record: The World’s Shortest Cow
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Guinness World Record: The World’s Shortest Cow

September 3, 2019

COMM: This is Manikyam officially the world’s shortest cow according to Guinness World Records.
Fully grown at six years old she measures at just over 61 centimetres from the hoof
to the withers, making her no bigger than the average labrador. 00:22
COMM: Owner Balakrishnan obtained the cow when she was just a newborn calf and despite
feeding her and raising her exactly like the other cows on his farm, her growth stalled
at just over two feet. 01:03
COMM: Balakrishnan and his family contacted Guinness World Records when a veterinary surgeon
told them the cow was unusually short despite having no deformities. 01:14
DR: PRIYA NAIR: I have never come across this situation because this is the rarest animal
in the world because it is only 61 cm in height. 01:25
COMM: Manikyam was declared the world’s shortest cow last year. And a five member Guinness
World Records team visited the village of Atholi in the southern state of Kerala to
verify the record and take pictures. And now local residents love the attention that Manikyam
has brought the village. 01:44
AKSHAY: In the olden days people used to avoid Manikyam when she roam around the village
but now the people can be seen taking photographs. 01:55
COMM: And Manikyam holds a special place in Balakrishnan’s family too.

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  1. सनातन धर्म सच में बहुत ऊँचा है बाकी तो मादरचोद जानवर तक अपनी गांड में डाल लेते है

  2. God has made human to control all over the animals.. be peace n don't worship idols n animals. Do pray n worship the Mighty n the creator God.

  3. How stupidity in western they grow dogs and throw cows and this is also happenings in India very stupid things irrespective of their uses (cow)

  4. In India there are cows where ever you go they are revered as GODS and for this family this cow is really their GOD it brings their family big money.

  5. பாசத்துடன் வளர்க்கும் முறையில் நம்மோடு நட்புடன் இருக்கும். நம்மை விட்டு விலகாது. நமக்கு காவலாகவும் இருக்கும். தாய் பண்பு.

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