Gut Health: Tips to Keep Your Horse Happy and Healthy
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Gut Health: Tips to Keep Your Horse Happy and Healthy

August 13, 2019

You want your horse to be happy and healthy,
so it can perform at its best. But, did you know it all starts with a healthy
digestive system? So, let’s take a look at what happens inside
a horses digestive tract and how that influences your horses health. Here we find little helpers, better known
as intestinal microbes. Intestinal microbes are bacteria, fungi and
protozoa, which all live together in harmony. Most microbes live in the hindgut, where they
convert feed into nutrients. This conversion is known as the fermentation
process. Microbes play an important role in nutrition
as well as immunity. They are the first line of defence against
harmful bacteria, but the positive effects microbes have can quickly fade away. For instance, if you feed your horse high
volumes of starch in one meal, the microbial population can be thrown off balance. The same goes for stress and antibiotics,
which can destroy good bacteria. All of this can leave your horse more susceptible
to diseases, which can impact its performance. Here’s how to prevent this from happening. Adding pre- and probiotics to your horses
diet can support the microbes. Probiotics, like yeast, are microbes that
help stabilize digestive disturbances. Prebiotics serve as feed for microbes. Well fed microbes are healthy microbes. Provide sufficient fibre and avoid sudden
changes to your horses diet. Look for feeds with safer starch sources as
they are easily digested. And, don’t forget. Always provide multiple small meals a day. Simple changes can lead to great results. Any questions? Contact your nutritional partner: Cavalor.

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  1. Salud intestinal 
    Quieres que tu caballo sea feliz y saludable para que pueda darte sus mejores momentos. Pero, ¿Sabías que todo comienza con un sistema digestivo saludable? Echemos un vistazo a lo que sucede en el interior de un caballo ..

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