Halloween Carnival Games at the Pumpkin Patch Outdoor Playground. Totally TV

October 6, 2019

in this vid they are at the del mar far Hey guys, I’m Margo I’m Lindsay, and I’m Jen and we are in Del Mar California at the pumping station We are doing a Halloween Carnival burn experience a bunch of awesome activities Yeah, and the best part is that you guys at home you get a bow I want your favorite activity is Alright friends we are at the pumpkin todd’s we have these wiffle balls, and they have to go through the jack-o’-lantern face But first we have to buy them Right I Feel like garlic Oh Okay guys, this is the ping-pong toss We got a bunch of awesome lily pads, but we are aiming for the orange because you get an extra large prize Zero, oh yeah here we go. I’m coming for you big prize. Oh oh Oh I Know I gotta get one the pressures on I got a blue I think that’s an extra large fries, too Hey, you got to get down here we were having so much fun they don’t see you where are you Alright guys now. We’re here at the giant lies, but the only take three at a time So we’re gonna race and Margo is gonna be the possum That’s right girl. I’m gonna count you down in three Diamond up the side they’re going as fast as they possibly can who’s gonna win Okay girls All right that does it for our Halloween Carnival Thanks so much your friends at pumpkin station if you guys are ever in the San Diego area you have to check this So so much fun, which one’s your favorite rider, too, honey Let us know in the comments and press the like button if you like to fight a different Oh my gosh. You guys are so pumpkins. We should go pumpkin

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