Halloween Spoiler // SSO (German)
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Halloween Spoiler // SSO (German)

October 21, 2019

This video contains spoiler (i’m not sure,if i translate everything correctly xd) hello and welcome to a new video. I been looking for you for some spoiler for the halloween update next week. And yes let’s start 😀 there will be a pet shop, a pumpkin hunt those soul splinters from last year and, two new jorvik wild horses and yessss, let’s start. It will probaly give so small pumpkins, I can insert pictures. They can run, speak they have different sounds for example if they are scared. i don’t know how it works, but I have a few sounds, or the link to it is in the description, you can listen to some sounds for halloween. from the people of whom i have it all, they are all linked in the info box. and yes, let’s start with the next. It will be, i think star stable said it, two new jorvik wild horses, and in the files is also described, magicfjord_pumpkin and magicfjord_tree at the trailer you can see in the background, if you see the trailer of the curly horses, i think the most of you saw it. In the behind you see short a horse, so a orange with green mane. I think this is the pumpkin horse pumpkin means pumpkin xd, the pumpkin horse. i can show you the pictures and yes, i don’t know what they mean with tree. I think any tree horse. but that doesn’t go so well with halloween xd so idk what they mean with “tree horse” it will be a black cat i think in the pet shop. idk what else should come in the shop I think, spider or whatever for example, something that suits halloween. and yes, i don’t have more xd that was all. And i’m really excited to the update next week. please write your opinion to the things in the description, and yes see you in the next video, bye

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