Halter/Bridle Sizing – How to Measure
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Halter/Bridle Sizing – How to Measure

August 22, 2019

If your horse is particularly
small or extremely large and you find over the counter tack
does not typically fit your horse, sizing from you may be necessary. If
that is the case let’s begin with the measurements we will need. Measurement 1 – The Brow Band. We are
looking for an inside measurement not total length. Measure across the front of the brow band only – from just inside of the poll pieces.
Do not measure the poll pieces. Call this measurement 1. Measurement 2 – The Nose Band. We are looking for an inside
measurement measured from the into the red line to the in the red line %uh this measurement is measurement 3 the throwback measure the total circumference when
ingested to your pores all this mission 3 and finely measurement for bit too big do measure from where the material it
catches to your pant a pin over the top for your voice
instead back down to where the material attendees to the bit on the campuses Sun call this mission with bold make
sure all in these measurements are accurate this is crucial for S in order to make
your tech make your course proper above all we
want you to be happy with whatever typically question orders are
non-returnable that is why it is important we provide us with extremely
accurate measure every college worse than this in email at your place
your order online and we can make no your site in the just
had to make these measurements are available on our website if you would like to study them in with
the team do thanks for shopping at the distance Depot and partners am happy trails

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