Hardtail Bike Vs. Full Suspension Bike | Do You Need A Top-Of-The-Range Mountain Bike?
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Hardtail Bike Vs. Full Suspension Bike | Do You Need A Top-Of-The-Range Mountain Bike?

October 21, 2019

– So we’re out here at in
southern Spain just outside Alicante, which you can
see just behind me here. We’ve a bit of a different
feature on our hands today. – Ah ha, yes we have,
and I think you’ve got the wrong weapon of choice, Doddy. – Alright, yeah, I’m on a hardtail, it might not be the best terrain for it, but what I’m want to do
today is just show you, show all of you guys, that
a fairly budget hardtail with modern geometry can
definitely still cut it. – Well I’ve got 160 mil of travel. – I’ve got 29 inch wheels, it’s fine. – Okay! – We’ll go into this in a minute. – Let’s go! – Okay, so this is my
Nukeproof Scout 290 Pro. This is more or less an entry level bike, so this is quite a good challenge today, ’cause the bike is about
half the price of Blake’s, like, super high-end bike. It’s got 29 inch wheels, pretty slack, aggressive geometry on it,
and a simple 130 mil fork. I just want to prove a point, you don’t really need all the bells and whistles to ride aggressive terrain. – Say hello to my Canyon Strive CF, top of the range with 160 mil of travel, there’s 27.5, and it gives me loads of grip out there on
descending and ascending. Alright, Doddy, you know what they say, what comes up must go down,
and it’s pretty rough! – Yeah, I know it is
steep, loose, and rough, and I know that a hardtail
is a lot more work on this, but, it has got a nice,
long front end, yeah? – Yeah – Pretty slack head angle, got
some chunky tires on there. – It’s 29 so it’s going to roll. – Confident it’s going to be fine, but, obviously, you’re going to be
able to steamroller a bit on that and I don’t want to fold
my wheel, slash a tire, so I will be a bit more– – So you’re going to need a
lot more finesse, that’s all – Yeah, but that’s fine,
’cause I learned to ride on a hardtail, and I
think everyone should. – I did, I did as well. – Good man. I’m calling
the safety on this– – You’ve got a full-sus, so you’re going to guinea pig this one? – I’ll guinea pig it. – Let’s have a look it – Let’s drop in, I think
it’s rider’s right down. – Yep, okay, makes sense. Okay, I’m not going to
lie, this is pretty steep and rough, even looking at
how Blake’s bike was reacting, so I’ve got to be careful
’cause I don’t want to fold that back wheel or slash my tire, it’s got a long way down back to Alicante, so, here we go, see how she is. – Oh man, wow, that, was– – Dude. – That looked so rough on that thing. Surprised you didn’t get a puncture. – You know, do you know what,
it kind of skips, it’s okay. It doesn’t like, I think on a big bike you can be guilty of pushing into stuff. – Yeah, you can just– – No, no, it’s okay, I’m
glad I’m clipped in though. – Oh yeah, I would’ve– – I think I would’ve been back wheel heavy if I was all flat, and I did
feel my feet moving a lot. – I think I’d move to being clipped in if I was a hardtail rider! – I’m quite impressed, actually, you know, you can definitely
feel it a lot more. It was pretty rough as far as descents go. – Wow, next one. What’s up next challenge? – Alright. – Should we do some, uh, some climbing? – Uh, yeah! (laughing) Obviously. – Ah, my bike’s all set up
for climbing, spinning away, I have to just, pretty comfy on this. – Yeah, but you’re making
sloppy line choices, mate. – At least I’m conserving
my energy for the next bit. – Dude, I’ve just got
to play things smart! – What are you doing? (laughing) Good luck with this bit, Doddy, ha! He’s definitely walking, for sure. – I can’t just ride that,
but I’m not walking. – Oh wow, hey, Doddy, the
view’s sick from up here, man! Wow, you alright? – I got up here, dude. – I don’t envy you on
that bike, not one bit. You can’t say you like
climbing that thing. – I’m not going to lie,
that was really hard. (laughs loudly) You know what though, it was kind of fun! You’ve got to think
about it, it’s not like – Yeah, I guess so, – I love full suspension
bikes, but I do think sometimes they make you a bit lazy. So you just pedal. – That is true, actually, cause you can just go (speaks gibberish). – I was having to look way further ahead to see what the trail’s doing– – Yeah – Like, actually before I got there. – Right shall we carry
on along this ridge line. – Oh no, man, I’m going to
have a break for a minute. Leave it out. – Oh, alright. Wow, hey, Dodd, look at this cliff, Dude! – Oh! (laughing) – Woo! Wow. So good. – Nope, I am not taking my
eyes off the trail, dude. (laughing loudly) – Whoop! Don’t clip a pedal. – That is so sketch. (laughing) – Oh ho ho, goodness me! – Oh my god. – That was such a sick descent! – My eyes were literally
rattling in my head down there. – They look like they’re still doing this. (laughing) – Do you know what, I’ve got to say, I’ve got to give it credit,
it’s a pretty basic hardtail, it’s about half the price of your bike. – Yeah, yeah. – So I put some burlier tires
on it, but it’s so good. – Yeah, well, it’s good value for money, and you still get out on your bike, eh. – At the end of the day,
it’s a mountain bike, and mountain bikes are
really, really good. – No matter what. Right,
if you want to see another versus video, click down here, downhill bike versus trail bike. – Or, for another great one, check out fat bike versus enduro bike. – That’s a good one. Don’t forget to click
this rad little globe, you’ll subscribe and see another
video just like this one! – Sure! If you like it, give us a thumbs up!

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  1. In my opinion he made a hardtail look so much harder then it is. Maybe because I'm old and did my best riding on a hardtail but I'm calling B.S. on this video.

  2. Think of it this way: bikes are like cars. Most people have them, but most people have pretty crappy ones and don't know how to work on them or how to drive like a racer. If you want to drive like a racer, you'll need to invest in a car or truck that can race. These things are expensive. It's a sport. Bikes are expensive to manufacture and distribute.

  3. Seriously, have mtbers gone that soft???? They look like the same age as me, I was going downhill down firebrakes on a hardtail in the 90s before duelies where available below 20k. Watching him hop around in the climbs was so cringey

  4. It's literally all relative to the individual really. I understand that people want the best bike, car, house, boat whatever. For me however it's very basic, Just get out ride it.

  5. I have both and prefer the hardtail no question. The full sus is a pain to ride uphill whilst the hardtail goes up brilliantly. My full sus is high spec too so it’s not a shite one. Everyone has their own opinions but it’s unfair to slate hardtails they are great if you get a good one.

  6. It really depends on the trail. My riding buddy uses a hard tail and I ride a FS. He's a bit better rider and he's much faster on flow trails, but I beat him down rocky technical stuff usually.

  7. I ride alot harder than that on a much more cheaper hardtail lol hardtails for life. only ever had one full sus enduro bike but the love lies with the hardys a

  8. Why was climbing harder on the ht? Would've thought different.
    Also, I think it would've been instructive to have them switch or have the stronger rider on the ht

  9. Geezer on the hardtail is massively over exaggerating on how rough it is! Yeah of course they’re not as smooth as fs bikes but they’re not that bad! I ride one myself! Also it’s a hell of a lot easier climbing with a hardtail!

  10. Full Suss are the pussies and the hardtails are the ballsy ones. No offence to the Full Suss I have ridden one and it is smooth but I all time prefer hardtails.

  11. I like a hardtail for the sole reason that I can't afford a decent FS mtb. I think many riders can relate to this.

  12. I love hardtails but full suspension just has such a better feel to it, almost float over bumps and feel the grip better when the back wheel isnt being bashed all over the place

  13. In india i dont think so that we have any bike parks though in recent years mountain bikes in india are getting fame but around 95percent of them are hardtails and fullsuspension are very expensive

  14. Riding a dual suspension bike is like riding a sponge, saps all your energy unless your going downhill. If you're not smashing downhill trails only, why would you even bother?

  15. This video was a SETUP. The hardtail never stood a chance…and GMBN completely sold the hardtail as a worthless ride. Entry HT vs. TopTier FS. Come on!! But, again, the big insult was the GMBN bad talking the HT throughout the video (with the occasional obligatory compliment). Really disappointed in this video.

  16. The only worry I have with buying a hardtail rather than a full suspension bike is constantly worrying about pinch flats. If I'm overreacting please let me know

  17. I lived in India in my childhood and every bicycle I saw was the softailed one but they were cheap like hundred bucks or so

  18. I started with a full-rigid, upgraded to my current mid-range hardtail to continue learning so by the time I eventually upgrade to a full suspension, I'll be able to fully utilize the benefits.

  19. Novice here, Why do they say it is easier to puncture a tube riding a hardtail? Do FS bikes have stronger tires?

  20. I also have a hardtrail and i can tell you i`m pretty thankful. About that climbing i think 29 is way too bigger. I`m not sweating on my 26* which is less heavy. Good job for the video 😀

  21. The people that annoy me the most are people limited me because of my hardtail. I am getting a Canyon Spectral CF 8.0
    In about a month but until then I had been riding a hardtail for over a year.

  22. At the end of the day, people with more money than ability will have gleamingly nice bikes and can’t make the most of their bike. I learnt to ride on a hardtail, rode a lot of UK trail centre blacks on it. But man after switching to full sus (£2100 so not insane money) I am so much faster downhill. Non biased opinion.

  23. I thought that the HT would excel on the climb, but it looks like the rider on the heavier FS was much faster and not as winded afterward. How?

  24. A nukeproof scout is not a basic, budget, beginner hardtail…..i mean….it is if your born with a silver spoon in your mouth but if ur a normal person ……£500-£800 is probably where you will begin…..eg: the trek roscoe series. Theyre good beginner bikes and you can pick up second hand ones for about 500 quid.

  25. Why are you super heroes not wearing gloves???
    You guys are more likely to scrape your hands on a dumb slide than banging your knees…😢😢😢

  26. On a full suspension bike how do you have the rear shock set, loose or lock out? Any advice would b grait, thanks in advance

  27. I would love to see a comparison with my 2018 specialized fuse carbon 27.5+
    I feel it would be much better competition.130 mil travel and super super lightweight great gears for climbing and a great all around mountain bike I got mine on sale for 2300 new

  28. You guys did this exercise wrong. Take a hard tail with the same price bracket as the trail bike. I bet on the climbs the hard tail will leave the full sus in the dust and it will be way less effort. No need to hop around obstacles. That was not necessary, come on. No need for acting or making exaggerated false claims.

  29. As much as I love your videos and I love this one too this is NOT a budget hardtail. It's a mid to high range hardtail. ride that on a £500 Halfords special you got on a cycle2work scheme then you will know what a budget hardtail is.

    Please support my Youtube Channel and see some of my ride videos
    using Nukeproof Scout

  31. We all rode hard tails in the 90’s, and in the early 2000’s full suspension was garbage. Full suspension is a bonus on the downs.

  32. I recently got rid of my 29er hardtail and got a 160mm enduro bike. The enduro bike is overkill, way overkill but it’s fun AF.

  33. Trek marlin 6 a good entry level bike?Not trying to spend a fortune, because who knows mountain biking might just be a phase for me

  34. Never seen someone with a hard tail ride with fully inflated tires. I keep mine around 22 psi on the front, 25 on the rear. Stiff tires just cause you to bounce. Keep the Softail much higher for obvious reasons..

  35. Best advice: Buy a bike that makes you want to get out there and ride. Don’t buy a hardtail if you don’t want to ride it, if you like the look of a certain FS bike, go out there and buy it… Enjoy!

  36. It seems to me that there are two things to consider… If you are not loaded with cash, and you want a good bike, hardtail is your choice. Secondly, it seems that riding a full suspension allows you to be less skilled and may allow you to ride trails beyond your skill.

  37. im on a hardtail right now and im only 15yrsold, im just waiting to turn older when full sus bikws will be cheap and there will be more modern bikes lmao

  38. Downhill bikes are made for downhill riding what a surprise. Hard tails don’t lose as much energy when you climb hence them being more for races and trail riding besides hurting your ass.

  39. When doddy says dude

  40. Same bikes, same ride but at the end switch bikes and do it again. Then maybe we can make compare. Perhaps Doddy just out of shape 😂

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