Hatfield Single Shot Shotgun Review
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Hatfield Single Shot Shotgun Review

August 17, 2019

Hi everybody I’m Mike, this is Budget Guns and Gear Reviews. Today we’re going to take a look at the Hatfield single
shot shotgun in 20 gauge. Stick around- maybe we’ll learn something together. These Hatfield single-shot shotguns are
made in Turkey by UTAS (on the barrel it says you UTAS USA Deplains Illinois,
it looks like), made in Turkey. They’re available at Walmart- I know you can get
them there for around 100 bucks. It’s your basic break action single shot
shotgun. It has a manually cocked hammer, and a hammer block safety. In order to open the
action on these (it does not have a traditional throw lever like most
single-shot shotguns do) you have to pull back on the trigger guard (which is a
plastic) and it opens the action- and when I say it opens the action, I mean it
REALLY opens the action- it opens it all the way up. Fit and finish
seems to be pretty good, I mean, there’s no obvious machining marks on it, the wood seems to be nice and smooth. When gotten from the store it had no
nicks, dings, or whatever in it. This is not mine it belongs to my buddy 2Bob’s kid-
the same kid that owns the heritage Rough Rider I reviewed… yeah
enough of that BS let’s go ahead and shoot! The ejector does not kick the shell all
the way out, apparently. But even a 20-gauge, as you can see on
these bottles, is still nothing to shake a stick at.
I mean it’s not a twelve, and certainly not a ten, but a 20 gauge WILL get the
job done. Cocking the hammer on this is a little
bit stiff, but it’s got a real positive lock up- it’s not loose at all- and the
trigger (here let me make sure that you all can see that it’s an empty gun) and the
trigger on this really isn’t bad. It’s kind of heavy, but when it breaks, man, it
breaks smooth as glass. Yeah, so far I’m pretty impressed with it. For only a
hundred bucks for a decent looking, working single shot shotgun- man I can’t
really, I wouldn’t complain about it. I personally would have bought it in
12-gauge, not 20, because 12-gauge is much more common and more readily
available, but you know, for a youth gun? This probably would not be a bad choice
at all. We’ll see what the pattern looks like at 10 yards. This is just with Winchester target
loads- you know, the Winchester white box target stuff from Walmart-
it doesn’t do too bad of a pattern. I have no earthly idea what the choke is
it does not say. The only markings it has on it- right there- on the other side 20
gauge 3-inch chamber- it has these markings on that side- and that marking there.
Other than that it has absolutely nothing else on it, I have no idea what
the choke is, so I couldn’t tell you if that’s modified, cylinder, improved
cylinder, or what. I’m Mike, this is Budget Guns and Gear Reviews, and that was my
look at the Hatfield single shot shotgun. You know, for a hundred bucks I wouldn’t
turn my nose up at it. There’s still a place for single shot shotguns today. You
know, they’re dead simple, they’re reliable, Particularly if
you have a 12-gauge with the chamber adapters you can you have them shoot
just about any ammunition that they can make an adapter for, so you know
they’re really versatile, just in the types of loads you can fire- as far as
the different shot loads, plus personal defence loads, plus slugs- you know,
There’s still place today for a single shot shotgun. It might not be the
Uber-tactical home defense assault gun that you drool over, but
it’ll put meat on the table, and if that’s what you’re after you really can’t go
wrong with something like this. If you liked what you saw please like, share,
subscribe, and think about becoming a Budget Buddy on Patreon, and as always-
come on back. Maybe we’ll learn something together. which was fun

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  1. I'm thinking about buying one of these in 12 gauge and turning it into a backpack / survival / shtf gun. What do you guys think? Do you want to see that?

  2. I could see myself cutting the stock and barrel down to legal length of course just to keep as a truck gun/ survival gun. For $100 Why not!

  3. Just so people know, it does not have an ejector. It’s a simple extractor that holds the spent shell up just enough for you to grab it out with your fingers. That’s how it is by design.

  4. How is the recoil on your shoulder, without anything on the end of the stock? I'm thinking about buying this. Thank You.

  5. I just ordered one of these from Classic Firearms… so if your local Walmart doesn't have them, they do.

  6. The one I looked at had a chunk of pipe for a barrel and while it was cheap, I think my Mossberg pump .410 was worth 2.5x more. I'll probably get one of these anyway as a pistol caliber rebarrel project.

  7. I bought a 12 gauge and when you move trigger guard back to break it open it's really stiff i oiled it sometimes it not to bad other times it goes hard just a matter of using it move to work freely anybody else have this trouble?

  8. I looked at one of these the other day in 12 gauge…bar far the biggest hunk of shit…the muzzle was a complete disaster…the most important thing on the gun and it was dinged and rough machined…that was enough for me to pass…plus in this day of modern machining a screw in choke should be standard…id pay an extra $30 to have that…not willing to buy a fixed choke gun

  9. I have it in 12 gauge and boy oh boy she kicks like a Oklahoma mule! But it's absolutely fun. After watching your video I suddenly have the urge to drink mountain dew

  10. The action lever (trigger guard) is made of aluminum alloy and not plastic as you said. And the choke is a modified choke why I know is I have the Hatfield SGL 12ga and 20ga and the only plastic on these shotguns are the butt plate. The Hatfield SGL is a very well built wood (walnut) and steel shotgun not like other black plastic stock shotguns! Buy a Hatfield SGL and you can't go wrong!

  11. Mine is a $99 paperweight. The chambering in mine is off center as is it's vent rib. Hatfield Gun Company will not even answer my inquiries about getting a replacement barrel.

  12. I have an unhealthy obsession with single shot shotguns. My first was the old NEF 410 when I was 7 or 8 and it's still my favorite. I've had just about every manufacturer and the best have been the older NEF's and H&R's. The most brutal to shoot is my synthetic Baikal 12ga.

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