He Won A Million Dollars With A Horse He Got For Free [Insights]
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He Won A Million Dollars With A Horse He Got For Free [Insights]

August 18, 2019

– I got Green Gratto for free,
and he turned out to be a
millionaire. There’s no stats on free horses
being millionaires, but I guess
it’s one in a million. Being a black guy in this
business, people are going to
say a lot of stuff. I don’t really take that as an
issue with anything. -Stay, stay with him. Stay with
him. I train horses before I go to
work in the mornings. I have six horses stabled here
right now. The top dog is
Green Gratto. Every owner would want to, like,
own a horse like that, you know,
who brings in a check every time he runs. Green Gratto, he’s territorial. Once he’s on the track, though,
he’s all professional. He’s all business, like you’ll
see him with a tie and a
briefcase, going about his business. Did I say that about him? I have a great rider, who rides
Green Gratto. Kendrick is a
great speed rider and Gratto’s a fast horse. – Go Green Gratto! We’ve been partners in crime,
put it that way, me and Green
Gratto. -Green Gratto won on Martin
Luther King Day- a black
trainer and black rider. I hadn’t even thought about it
until some guy said to me, “How
do you feel you win with a black jockey, and
a black trainer, won a race on
Martin Luther King Day?”. And I said, “Wow.” Horses are color blind for a
reason. They don’t see colors. They don’t know if you’re black,
white, or pink, or green. They’re taking care of you. All
they know is, “I’m treated well
here, so I’ll do good for him.” In Jamaica, horse racing is
like a religion. When I came to America, I said
to myself, I think I could
really see myself doing this, you know, training horses. You have trainers here who have
been training 20 years and never
win a Grade I race. Green Gratto has put me places
where I never thought I’d be in
this business, because it’s very competitive. Green Gratto’s just a
superhorse. I just love him to

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  1. green Grotto is one of the best older horses running on dirt right now. crowd favorite BC his age. I own a piece of horse named Unified and Grotto beat me by whisker in the Carter. we sold Unified a few months earlier to Lanes End for his stud duties. when they paid for him the offered us a million dollar bonus for any Grade 1 win. when I tell j was a horse whisker from a million dollar bonus I'm not lying. Grotto cost me a million. can't be mad tho. b4 Grotto n Unified threw it down in the Carter I was already a Grotto fan from the previous yr. it's a love hate relationship

  2. We just claimed a horse with Gaston Grant …. We have heard very nice things about him and we look forward to working with him…

  3. I does not matter what colour you are if you got a horse for free then you will know that the horse you got for free will be the best horse that's what I have to say about free horses I once and he turned out to be the fastest horse on my farm

  4. My horse was free but I love him to bits and he can jump race and one of the things I know is my horse trots as fast as he can before he gallops

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