Health Benefits of Horse Riding – Physical, Mental, Emotional

September 18, 2019

As Winston Churchill famously said, “There’s
something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” It was true
at the time, and it’s even more accurate in modern times. As anyone who rides regularly
will know, horse riding is excellent for both toning your body and relaxing your mind. People have been using horses for transport
for thousands of years, and in many parts of the world horses are still essential for
transport and agriculture. However, once we no longer relied upon horsepower to work the
land, or for transportation, riding for pleasure became a popular pastime. The fact that so many of us continue to ride
when we no longer have to do so for practical reasons, is a testimony to our enduring love
of horses. According to figures published by the British Equestrian Trade Association,
there were two point seven million riders in the UK, in 2015. Of these, one point three
million were regular riders. However, both these figures show a decline
from the totals for 2011. This fall was partly due to economic factors, rather than a lessening
of enthusiasm on the part of the British public. Other ex-riders cited loss of access to a
horse or stables. The Physical Benefits of Horse Riding. Horse riding is one of the best forms of exercise
for improving muscle tone and balance. It helps to improve your coordination, confidence
and overall posture. A low impact exercise, it’s often suitable for people who can’t manage
more high impact sports, but it will still give you a thorough aerobic workout – riding
can burn up to 300 calories an hour. If you have your own horse, don’t forget all the
related activity as well – grooming, mucking out, picking up droppings and cleaning tack
will all help to keep you fit. The Mental Benefits of Horse Riding. In today’s high speed, high stress society,
horse riding is an excellent form of relaxation, as a combination of fresh air, exercise and
adrenalin provides the perfect escape from modern life. Building a relationship with
your horse is intensely satisfying, as you both improve and start to stretch your boundaries.
Horses are extremely sensitive and intuitive, and helping a young, scared or confused horse
to overcome physical or behavioural problems is one of the most intensely positive experiences
you can have as a rider. The Emotional Benefits of Horse Riding. Apart from the obvious benefits of fresh air
and exercise, the main pleasure of horse riding is the chance to build a partnership with
an intelligent, sensitive animal. If you’re lucky enough to have your own horse, you’ll
appreciate how a good partnership can evolve and develop as you work together to improve.
However, even if you only ride occasionally, riding is a series of immensely pleasurable
moments – whether it’s the satisfaction from finally achieving a correct rising trot after
weeks of trying, or the short but intense adrenaline buzz from a flat-out gallop. Even
riding once or twice a year on a trekking holiday brings its own pleasures, and offers
the chance to see new countryside in a way that’s in tune with the natural surroundings. Horse Riding Improves Your Social Life. Unless you insist on riding alone, there are
plenty of opportunities to meet people and make new friends in equestrian circles. There are many chances for interaction at
events, on holidays, or just out riding. As a fellow equestrian, you’ll find plenty to
chat about with strangers. Horse riding has also been known to improve your love life
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