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October 21, 2019

Hey Devan it’s good to see you and Roxy!
Oh, she looks like she’s put on a little weight recently. Roxy? No way! She’s perfect. My trainer was just telling me how great she looks. Well, I’ve been using
this Healthy Horse app my vet told me about, which predicts your horse’s body
weight based on a few different measurements, and there are options for
multiple breed types. Okay, that sounds kind of cool. What do we need to do to use it? So, if you want to try it, all we need to do is take four different measurements: her
body length, girth circumference, neck circumference and height. Sure, let’s try it! So we’ve entered all of her numbers in
the app, and all we need to do is push calculate. And you can see! Oh that’s pretty neat, it says that she weighs 1,223 pounds, but yikes, she should weigh 1,163 pounds. Well if that’s true, I guess we do have some work to do, but is it really that
accurate? Well do you want to go throw her on the scale and test it out? Yeah, let’s do that! That really is pretty accurate! Turns out, she does have some weight she should probably lose. How often should I use this app? Well, I was told to do it about once a month to kind of track her progress over time. I think that’s pretty reasonable. I’m definitely going to have to check this out!
Hey, thanks for your help today! Sure! No problem!

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  1. The formula for ideal bodyweight on the original web page appears to be incorrect. For the example in the video the formula returns 2431 lbs.

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