Help us feed 45 rare Greek horses until spring and make a real difference!
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Help us feed 45 rare Greek horses until spring and make a real difference!

October 20, 2019

Thirty years ago,
on the Greek Island of Skyros in the Aegean A rare breed of horse was on the verge of extinction. Today, thanks to a few private initiatives
to protect and breed them, about 300 Skyrian Horses exist worldwide,
200 of which live on Skyros Island. At Mouries Conservation Centre,
we take care of 45 pure-bred Skyrian Horses. To cover part of the yearly expenses of the farm,
during the summer months we organise activities with the help of volunteers from all over the world. But, as often happens halfway through the winter, the money raised during summer and the food
stocked in the warehouse have come to an end. We are now facing great difficulties to buy more food the horses. In this never-ending fight we are leading
for the survival of this unique breed of horse, we rely on you, dear friends,
and our ability to face challenges together! Your help counts! With a 5 euro donation you help us
buy one bale of good quality hay, thus feeding a horse for several days. And with 30 euros,
you offer the entire herd the food of the day. Help us now to buy the 1000 bales
we will need to reach summer season with full bellies and happy whinnies! Each and every contribution counts! Your support, is what keeps us going!

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