Heroes and Survivors: Wildfire Horses
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Heroes and Survivors: Wildfire Horses

August 30, 2019

Best way I can describe it is a tsunami just
blowing into the barn area and hitting us… …with a lot more fire than I’ve ever seen before. Trainer Joe Herrick is in the middle of it
doing everything he can to save his prized two year old philly, Lovely Finish. As we were heading out the stall, we got lit
up by a fireball that game over the wall and hit us. Hit me in the back of the head, hit my arms,
hit her as we were going out with the stall. The huge fireball freaks her out. She launched us out of the stall into the
shedrow. Almost five seconds later, we probably
would’ve been gotten torched all of the way, but we hit the open area there and she launched
herself again and took off.

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