HIDDEN HEROES: Race horses get a new life
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HIDDEN HEROES: Race horses get a new life

September 4, 2019

MICHELLE AND LEIGH) IN THE SPIRIT OF NEXT WEEKEND’ )S KENTUCKY DERBY — WE’RE TAKING YOU TO VANDIVER, ALABAMA FOR THIS WEEK’S HIDDEN HERO. THAT’S WHERE ‘CHANGING LEADS’ IS ENSURING THAT RETIRED RACE HORSES GET A SHOT AT A FOREVER HOME… AND SOME DESERVING PEOPLE GET THE ANIMAL OF THEIR DREAMS. (NATS – CHICKEN CLUCKING) DOES THIS SOUND RELAXING TO YOU? (NATS – spraying) WELL, FOR THE RETIRED RACE HORSES OF ‘CHANGING LEADS’ – THE CLUCKING IS PART OF WHAT EASES THEM INTO A NEW LIFE… (NATS – razor) — A SLIGHTLY LESS CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT THAN ON THE TRACK. “you know, they live in a stall and they race, and so you know, they’re really well taken care of – but they don’t have a lot of freedom and the first time we turn them out and they get on 80 acres and they run around and roll in a muddle puddle and come in all dirty, it’s just wonderful.” (NATS) “and he is awfully sweet and awfully cute and he likes kisses (smooch).” CHANGING LEADS IS A 501 C-3 THOROUGHBRED RETRAINING PROJECT.. (NATS – HOOVES CLICKING) BASICALLY – THEY GIVE RACE HORSES A CAREER CHANGE…BUT PERHAPS MORE IMPORTANTLY… “we have far more animals than there are homes. I mean, horses are expensive to keep up. They require a lot of land. So it’s much harder to find people to take horses. In a subdivision, they can’t stick them in their backyard. So if you don’t provide sport outlets and pleasure outlets for these animals, then they can very conceivably go to slaughter…um…and that’s an unfortunate byproduct of the industry.” CHANGING LEADS WAS THE BRAIN CHILD OF THESE TWO WOMEN – FOUNDER ALI GOODRICH AND KIRSTEN MURPHY. (NAT – laughs) THE CHARITY IS RUN OUT OF LONGVIEW FARMS — (NATS JUMPING) WHICH SPECIALIZES IN HUNTERS AND JUMPERS. LIKE ‘HOW GREAT’ OR HOWIE, HERE. IN HIS CAREER HE’S WON OVER A HALF A MILLION DOLLARS AND EVEN RAN IN THE BLUE GRASS STAKES. NOW HE’S MAKING WAVES –(NAT JUMP) COMPETING IN THE RETIRED RACE HORSE PROJECT’S SHOW AND COMING IN 2ND IN THE NATION — AS A JUMPER. “and we spend months or years making them safe enough for people who are not necessarily professionals to take for forever homes so that they can go off and be some kid’s dream horse, or some young adult’s show horse.” IN THE PAST 5 YEARS – THEY’ )VE PLACED AROUND 60 HORSES, ALL OVER THE SOUTHEAST WITH NEW OWNERS WHO MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO AFFORD THE 10 TO 20 THOUSAND DOLLARS IT WOULD COST TO BUY A HORSE — BUT WHO CAN PROVIDE AN AMAZING HOME AND NEW LIFE FOR THEM. “it makes you very happy that you can provide both sides of the equation with a happy ending.” DO YOU KNOW OF A HIDDEN HERO WHO DESERVES SOME RECOGNITION. SEND THEM MY WAY. LEIGH DOT GARNER AT WIAT DOT COM. THEY JUST MIGHT BE FEATURING IN AN UPCOMING SEGMENT. (2-SHOT REACTION TO HIDDEN HEROES, THEN TOSS TO ASHLEY

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