High Heel Roller Skate Trick Challenge!
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High Heel Roller Skate Trick Challenge!

October 28, 2019

♪5-4-3-2-♪ ♪Let’s roll!. This is how we roll,
this is how well roll, this is how we roll♪ ♪Let’s roll.♪♪ (Cheering)
Yeah! Woohoo! Yippee! [Indy’] What’s up Planet Roller Skaters! Indy Jamma Jones here and today we are in
Los Angeles, California with Marawa. [Marawa] Hiii! Nice to have you back! [Indy] I am so excited to be back,
especially because we get to play with your high
heel skaaaates! (Laughing) [♪ Funky disco instrumental♪] [Indy] Ooo! Mine light up! you should all know ahead of time use
your custom can’t get them sorry y’all you just gotta be man what the amazing
or no can actually see tonight yes that’s what made me do it
you can I’m okay after watching that so really teaching me I was like okay I can
do so much more on those I look really laying in my compartment go for it and
then I so I was like coming into today like oh yeah I’m gonna miss it
I’m gonna do when I’m thinking all the tricks I can do normally and I don’t
want to get it I was like oh these are pretty trippy so pretty huh you have the
cojones today about I’ve got my waiting room alright well I think it’s gonna be
more of a challenge than I expected so let’s just start from like the very
beginning like yeah all right so I guess what’s the single chord all right step
one can you go what about sitting on the thousand 1
million yeah Oh yeah thank you guys so much for watching this
episode of Planet rollerskate Thank You Mara thank ya
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hit up put a really skeet that shot for all their roller-skating these

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  1. Hey Indy I am 10 and I am going to start rollerskating soon! I'm so excited! I was insp inspired to roller skate because of you if you had roller skating classes I would probably be the first one in line but I just want to say thank you for inspiring me to start roller skating and just to let you know I got the holographic roller skates.❤❤❤❤❤

  2. The girl with the pink top I see that under her arm like like black things under her arm arm so I don't I don't think it I don't know if it's her armpits or anything like I'm not trying to be mean or anything like that but Lake guys if you like and comment down below if you know what I'm talkin about

  3. i love indys unsved armpit it shows me that it is okay to not shave there but i do not have hair there yet but when i get some i will not shave to be like Indy

  4. hey , you guys are AWSOME!! you have ispired us to make a british moxi skate team!!! i love u!! keep doing what ur doing Ps i subbed

  5. I've seen moxi girls video, then I found you and instantly subscribed. bought second hand roller skates yesterday; already fell, got a big bruise on my hip + got my period day lol in couple of days I'll resume my training, thanks for inspiring me to finally start skating. you girls are amazing ✨🤩

  6. i dont get how they would not snap in haf fast,there is no frame in between the back and the front as far as i can see.
    if you go up the ramp i think they wont surive it,but for women they must be fun to have and get used to.

  7. Hi Andy yesterday I bought new shoes for skating they are kind of like yours but not high heels and once you were with four wheels so yesterday I tested them out and they were perfect I did the same things you told in videos like I’m scrawling stuff like that and it really helped you give me all of the inspiration thank you

  8. Dangerous, and stupid…some dumb kid is going to think this is cool, and end up damaging themselves. Heels on their own are bad for the body…adding wheels is moronic.

  9. Indy on high heel roller skates is me on regular skates 🤣 but her videos have been helping me alot! I love her! ❤ looking to buy new Moxi skates soon!!!

  10. fun to see someone (Indy) look like I do on skates right now, cuz I'm still learning and I look like a damn fool 😛

  11. Indy I went to a roller disco the other weekend and I loved it. It was my first ever time skating and watching your videos makes me want to do it more😀 thanks so much for inspiring me to do it every day and love it more as I go

  12. i have a qustion and i really hope you can answer as a begginier i am ten what skates do you think would be good for me to get thank you

  13. that is your dance girl you roll in them 80 Styles love is the law gangster you got passion see you rolling them things Hindi always looking for a treasure boot style in them Jones always looking for the Lost Treasures you found one there go girl

  14. I'd love to see you two girls in the high heels skate clips dance to William devaughn be thankful for what you've got old school style very unknown but he had a cult following at the time so good song be thankful for what you've got dance girls

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