High School Mountain Biking Is Blowing Up
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High School Mountain Biking Is Blowing Up

October 20, 2019

– [Narrator] Welcome to Wisconsin. America’s dairy land, and home of the deep-fried cheese curd. I haven’t seen a mountain for four days, but you don’t need a mountain
to ride a mountain bike. (Energetic music) – [Austin] Hi, Austin McInerny. I am the president of the
National Interscholastic Cycling Association,
otherwise known as “NICA,” and we’re here today at the Trek Trails System in Wisconsin League, as part of the State Championship Race. And today, right now, there’s
700 riders here racing. – [Narrator] These kids are traveling
from place to place with their friends and family, and getting to ride in
some pretty sweet spots. – [Travis] Normally,
the only people who are riding these trails are Trek employees and their families, and maybe
some guests who come in. This weekend, we opened it up
to high school students and their families, and we’re hosting this big mountain bike ride here. Big race. – [Narrator] Yeah. It is a pretty big event. And hey, you might even
see someone that you know. – [Emily] Being back
here at the NICA event is so inspiring to me, and just getting to see
some of the same kids that I’ve seen over the last
couple of years and seeing the relationships
that have developed and how they’re maturing as
athletes and people in general and… yeah, you can see that comradery. They’re coming up and
chatting as groups and they just look like they’re having fun, and they actually enjoy
what they’re doing here. – [Narrator] Yep. The kids are stoked,
and they’re good sports. And you know what? The
parents are stoked, too. – [Father] It’s awesome.
(all laughing) Yeah.
– [Mother] It is. – You get to ride all
the time with the kids. (music stops)
(cricket chirping) – And then I started making friends and last
year the team just… I dunno. It just made me fall in love. – [Opal] My name’s Opal McLovana, and I’m a freshman, and I race for the Madison West High School
Mountain Bike Team. My first year on the team, I would say that I was not
the best mountain biker, but as the years have progressed, I have gotten a lot more skills, and I’ve been able to climb harder climbs, and also I’ve realized that
I just love mountain biking. I really wanna continue doing it. – [Mike] Our team has grown… Just by leaps and bounds every year, and it’s people that have maybe
mountain-biked a little bit, kinda been into it. And then that first race,
seeing their skill progression from when we start out doing skill stuff to that first race is huge, and then when they cross
that finish line and they get a new of “Mountain Bike Racer,” and I think that’s huge for me. – I love seeing the
kids just find success. The beginning of the
season, some of these kids are so nervous about how they’re riding, and riding over a log or rocks, and we work with them, and then by the end of the season, they’ve just built up
their confidence so much. – [Narrator] Practice, practice, practice. If it wasn’t for the sun going down, these kids might never get off their bike. (lo-fi hip hop music) – [Narrator] It’s called outsourcing. – What I’m always impressed with is how selfless the kids are. They seem to care more
about how their teammates do then their own results. – [Narrator] And the best part?
Everyone gets to play. There’s no bench in this sport. All you gotta do is show up,
and give it your best shot. – It doesn’t make a difference
if you’re gonna win a race, or if your goal is just to finish a race. There’s a place for you on that team, and it’s inclusive and
focusing on those core values of making it fun,
treating everyone equally, providing equity so
everyone can participate. No one’s turned away. And building strong body, mind and
character at the team level. That’s the secret sauce, and
the communities that are embracing it now have over 100 riders
on some of these teams. – But of course, it’s
not all fun and games. – [Man] To see a kid
go through the process of tackling an obstacle,
both figurative and literal, and to see them have the
grit and determination that if they fall down,
they go and they keep sessioning it until they do it right. That, to me, is awesome. – You’re gonna crash
every once in a while. It’s fine. It’s getting
back up and learning from it and finding that line, y’know. We’re mountain bikers. We’re tough. – [Jake] Last year, one kid
brought his dinosaur costume, and now everybody’s been dressing up. – The heckle game is strong
out here in Wisconsin, and these folks got the
biggest cowbell I’ve ever seen. (crowd cheering) – [Lily] When you’re
trying to get up a hill, and there’s a lot of
noise and a lot of people cheering you on, it gets
you up the hill faster. (Horn being blown) (upbeat music)
(cheering) – The racing almost feels like a byproduct of the whole experience as well. The simplest goal is that we just want the kids to love mountain biking. – So NICA is about a lot
more than just putting people on bikes and helping them learn how to ride that bike safely. What we’re really doing
is using the bicycle as a tool to help
teenagers figure out life, and what they’re gonna
do after high school. – Bikes are awesome. They
make a lot of people happy, and they bring a lot of people together. And when you’re part of
a community like this, everyone walks away with a “W.” So go pick up a bike, and go for a ride. It could change your life. (Cheerful music) – I had so many friends
that you could just see had so many talents within
and they just didn’t know that they had those. And nobody ever saw or noticed that. Seeing, y’know, talent
and just the characters getting nurtured through the sport I think is pretty phenomenal. (Happy music) – When we all come together
for camping like this, suddenly this team of
kids becomes a family. (happy music) And the parents all connect, and so we cook together,
we have fun together, we joke together and it makes riding even that much more fun. (Cheerful music) – NICA has over 18,500 students on nearly 1,000 teams in 25 state leagues. There’s always room for one more rider, one more coach, or one more state. Get involved at “nationalmtb.org” (cheerful guitar music)

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  1. This video has inspired me to start a MTB club at my high school. I hope it gets approved by the school. If it does thanks for bringing MTB to West Michigan. We’ll definitely be shredding. “You don’t need a mountain to ride a mountain bike.”

  2. "Put a chairlift in right there"
    "Give us a slopestyle"
    "We need a 10 foot drop into lava"

    The kids are gonna be alright!!

  3. Awesome video! Just started a new NICA team in Texas. Should come video "how to get started" because that is what we are doing. Hoping to have it pulled together to start the 2019 season

  4. I watched my younger son go from a kid who didn't see or believe how awesome I know he is to a confident teen who believes he is awesome and can do anything after the season! This sport brings families together, and is such a positive environment filled with great people.

  5. I am sooooooo jealous!!!! Almost everyone from where I am from are all lazy asses who have never seen nor heard of Mountain biking

  6. Damn, I'd love it if European highschools would create professional sportteams under their own name… I just go to school, sit out the day and go home. It would be so much more fun if there were kartteams, MTBteams, runningteams, idk, dartteams, to participate in or to cheer them on in games? I'd love it and it would make school so much more entertaining!

  7. Side note….please tell me you guys made the new Specialized Stumpjumper ad. Watching it reminded me of the videos yall put out.

  8. Biking was my first love the first thing that taught me pain and the first thing that taught me disappointed but it is so worth .my life is bikes and I've loved it since I was two an I'm fourteen now and I still love it more than anything else in the whole world

  9. Hello everyone! I’m coach John from the Maryland NICA league. Great video from the league to the North West. We also celebrated our first year ending 2018’. Cannot wait until our second year start-up in 2019’. We had the pleasure of hosting the NICA President this past Nov. in Brunswick, Md. I look forward to watching your team grow! Have fun….

  10. you made me get into mountain biking 2 years ago now i SHRED ok not SHRED but Im Ok at riding now BUT thank you sO much for your awesome videos{Ps i love dirt jumps especially gap jumps!
    i live in finland and its awesome for mountain biking!

  11. I am no Mountain Biker whatsoever. I've started watching IFHT and I've just recently discovered your second channel. And boy do I want to ride downhill now. Unfortunately here in Germany where I live we do not have these beautiful mountains like in Canda. But I really love your videos. Keep going!

  12. I live in SC but race NICA GA and my teammates dad has an air compressor the size of a propane tank he straps to his chest and uses to blow a horn and he brings it to every race😂🙄

  13. I race for my school team with NICA:). Love my team and league. Race atmosphere is incredible. I wouldn’t know about this sport if it wasn’t for NICA.

  14. I can’t do this Bc I’m way too competitive. I also think that I would end up hit someone else’s bike on accident, and will feel absolutely horrible.

  15. You need to make a film about nica’s biggest team (also the biggest team in the world). Corner canyon high school in Draper Utah. Unreal

  16. Hey guys I'm i new rider but loved the fender guard so much i bought one anyway love all the videos on every chanle keep up the good work 👌👊😁☺😊😀

  17. I couldn't agree more, a little over a year ago i was fat and too afraid to try anything then i started biking, now ive lost weight and its time to get ripped and i also work as graphic designer and im 17🤘 bikes are awesome

  18. I live in Minnesota, I wish they would do enduro at the ski hills around where I live. Thats what I’m good at and what I enjoy. Maybe soon

  19. I’m part of a Austin Texas Nica team and they ban bunny hops because it’s “unsafe” I mean it is, but you’re rolling over rocks that if you hit you’re head you get a concussion and die I don’t know, but it seems stupid… if you have another opinion good for you

  20. Seriously. I wish this had been a thing when I was in high school, sadly in 2000-2004 NE Ohio was not exactly a bastion of MTB.

  21. thanks guys for doing a video for NICA. I work on the North Carolina NICA race crew. Its awesome to see one of my favorite youtube channels make a video about an organization that I work in. As always great videos. Mahalo my dudes.

  22. ugh this makes me long to bike so much right now, but as a homeschooled teenage girl, I have absolutely no idea how to even get started (small town, so no classes). I have a bike and there's a trail nearby, but I guess I'm just really nervous to start.. (gotta love being insanely antisocial and not wanting to go out into public) I don't know anybody to show me the ropes, and neither of my parents/none of my sibs are athletic enough to want to try it with me.

    but holy shoot, I'm gonna have to figure it out at some point. Every one of your videos inspires me and makes me want to bike so bad . please keep them comin', guys. I don't want this fire to die out before I get my chance.

  23. its called outsourcing im dead
    also I was on the team my senior year which was the first year of our team and i am such a better rider from it

  24. Dude I did some racing with Nica in high school I would recommend 8/8 because the energy is so much higher than this video shows

  25. I really wish I started riding and joined my team sooner, because I’m only getting 2 years of this.

  26. I love NICA so much! Nica was introduced to my state last year and ever since I have had a great group of guys to ride with and we are all very very motivated to get better and to have more fun!

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