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History of Grogar My Little Pony Lore

March 1, 2020

Hello everyone, Ruchiyoto here with another
episode of the History Behind My Little Pony Characters. In this video I will overview the lore and
story on Grogar. This is just a brief explanation of his Generation
one counterpart and from Season 9 Premiere of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. So without further ado, let’s begin. Grogar is an evil ram with sorcery powers,
he has a blue coat and red glowing eyes. He can be seen wearing bells around his neck
which is his source of power. In the original My Little Pony series “My
Little Pony and Friends” it is said he once conquered Ponyland but after the Ancient Bell
had rung he was banished 500 years into the Shadow World along with a city called “Tambelon”
where he once ruled there. He returned later to capture all the Unicorns
of Ponyland, which was his plan to capture every pony in Dream Valley and take them to
the Shadow World so Grogar could conquer Ponyland. In My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, he
appeared as the antagonist from Season 9 premiere “The Beginning of The End” part one and two. Where he assembled most of the villains that
were left; Chrysalis, Cozy Glow, Lord Tirek, and King Sombra. Grogar was first mentioned in Season 7 Episode
3 “A Flurry of Emotions” where Twilight was telling a story how “Gusty” The Great defeated
Grogar a very long time ago. Meanwhile, he returned alongside with his
new companions offering his magic and with their power they could rule Equestria. Let me just add that in this version, Grogar
uses necromancer to resurrect King Sombra, however, it’s unclear if he was in the original
series. Overall, Grogar being the demonic sorcerer
he is was inspired by his Generation one counterpart. Instead of a former ruler of Tambelon, Grogar
claimed Emperor and given life to monsters that he created. He then was banished away when Gusty took
his bell only to weaken him. It’s unclear which Gusty it is, maybe in the
original series she did called herself “Gusty The Great” at one point but I’m not so sure. Although Grogar does not have his own Comic
in the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic comic series but he did made a cameo in the
My Little Pony Nightmare Knights Issue #1 at one point but difficult to spot. Hope you guys enjoyed the video, I know it’s
too early to make this video but I wanted to explore the origins and lore on Grogar. Thanks for watching, if you enjoyed the video
don’t forget to rate, share, and subscribe for more. Comment below which character you would like
to see a history of, it could be one of your favorite characters, but until next time,
I’ll see you all in the next one, peace.

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  1. Hope you guys enjoyed the video, stay tuned next week I may post a new video of the History Behind My Little Pony Characters or probably something different. That is all. ✌

  2. I realy love ancient characters just like Grogar,Gusty,The Pony of Shadow,Starswirl,Flash Magnus and Somnambula because they look like have an awesome history in the past but i hope i can see the battle betwee Gusty and Grogar in the MLP show.

  3. Him being a dark Necromancer does up the stakes of it later on if he could Resurrect The Dead that means he could bring back old armies like the Viking guard and legionnaires as well as family ancestors back from the dead to attack Equestria! Also I read the nightmare Knights comic and I did not notice his cameo in the casino except for the Mane-iac and King Sombra gambling; thank you for spotting that for us!

  4. I have a theory on how powerfull would be Grogar with the bell in his possesion.
    I bet he would be able to rip the soul out of a body and imprison that soul somewhere while he make that body his minion or something like that. It would be super cool and terrifing! He is maybe a Spirit of Death just like Discord is a Spirit of Chaos.
    That would explain how is Grogar able to live for millenia!!! o_0
    Hasbro please hire me!!!

  5. i would love to see a detailed history on Gusty the unicorn, a.k.a. Gusty the Great. Thank you and love your videos they are awesome!

  6. Well , to be honest grogar did not resorect king Sombra , he summoned king Sombra from the darkness. After the second time king Sombra was defeated he was banished back into the darkness . Long story sort king Sombra did not die neither the first not the secont time the main 6 defeated him , both times he as banished to the darkness . So yeah he is still alive but he is not a threat , since he is trapped in an alternate dimension naked the darkness.

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