History of the Horse
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History of the Horse

September 5, 2019

I’m Jen McCollough, Curatorial Assistant of
Archaeology. I’m going to talk about my favorite item in
the museum, or one of my favorites, is here in the “Prehistoric Horses” case in the paleontology
gallery. What I really love about it is it demonstrates
how interconnected absolutely everything is. So millions and millions of years ago the
horses evolved in this area, but they couldn’t last in this area and they all died out and
went extinct until they were reintroduced, modern horses were reintroduced by the Spanish
and became absolutely integral to the entire history and culture of the area. You can’t really picture this area of Texas
without picturing horses and you wouldn’t be able to do that if they hadn’t started
out here millions and millions of years ago. So when you look at the stirrups upstairs
in the gallery or you look at the saddle in the World War One exhibit you realize that
it’s still all connected to this very, very long story in the area.

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