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  1. First of all, hobbyhorsing is from finland. Second of all, hobbyhorsing isn't comparable to real horseriding. It's something different and a completely own sport. Third of all, hobbyhorsers do not think they're equestrians because of hobbyhorsing and they do not think hobbyhorses are real animals, but most hobbyhorsers are equestrians because they do real horseriding too! Fourth of all, there are not just kids that do hobbyhorsing. Some hobbyhorsers are up to 25 years old or even older than that. Fifth of all, they're not "little play horses", we sew them ourselves or buy them from other hobbyhorsers and let me tell you something, they're expensive as hell. Sixth of all, it's not a "new activity", hobbyhorsing existed for MANY years in finland. Stop sharing wrong information.

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