Hockey Stick Length – Short VS Long and Where to cut

October 12, 2019

(rock music) – Hey guys, it’s Jeremy
from with the Hockey Movement,
and in this video, we’re talking about proper
hockey stick length. What is the right length for you? So first thing that I
wanna share is a method that I recommend if you’re
a brand new hockey player. Then I have a method you can use if you’re an experienced hockey player, you wanna play around with
the length of the stick, and I’m also gonna talk about
a little bit about controversy and the pros and cons of having a longer stick or a shorter stick. You’ll notice behind me, I
have some hockey sticks here so there’s a really short one,
there’s the one that I use, and then I have Zdeno
Chara’s hockey stick. So we’re gonna use those
for demonstration purposes. Let’s get right to it. First I wanna share my recommendation for new hockey players, you
don’t have a playing style, you don’t have personal
preferences at all. You should start right
about in the middle. So when we’re measuring hockey sticks, it’s when you’re on skates and
it’s relative to a location on your body, so we’re not gonna
give you the actual length, it just depends on where it
comes up to on your body. So, put on some hockey
skates, get your hockey stick, and hold it up to your body. My recommendation is that the stick should come just underneath your chin. And the reason I recommend this is because it’s right in the middle. Your common lengths for hockey
sticks are about chest height all the way up to maybe about the eyes. You don’t wanna go too
much longer than that and you don’t wanna go
too much shorter than that and I’ll talk about reasons
why later in the video. So what are the advantages
or disadvantages of a shorter stick or a longer stick? I’m gonna talk about them here. So I have a really short hockey
stick as an extreme example. Typically, the people who
like shorter hockey sticks are the guys who like to dangle. This isn’t always the
case, ’cause if you look at Pavel Datsyuk, he has a picture holding his stick and it’s about up to his forehead when he’s at a hockey camp. So always personal
preference, but typically, guys who like to dangle
like shorter sticks. The reason, ’cause they
can control the puck in closer to their body. With a shorter stick, the
blade is gonna be laying flat in close to your feet,
whereas if I grab this one, holding this stick out, you can see it’s further away from my body. Some disadvantage to
having a shorter stick is that it can reduce your shot power, ’cause you don’t have
as much stick to flex. Also, when you cut a hockey stick, it increases the flex of the stick, so if you start with an 80, if
you cut it down really short, it could end up being 110
so it’s a lot stiffer. Another disadvantage can
be, it can cause back pain. If you cut your stick down short, then in order to hold it properly, say my bottom hand going down
at the middle for a slap shot, I have to bend over a lot,
which can give me back pain, or you just have to bend your legs a lot. Now, this is obviously an extreme example, but you can see the disadvantages. Last one for having a short stick is you don’t have as much reach, so you might miss more
passes ’cause you can’t reach out and grab ’em,
you also might not be able to play as well defensively,
’cause you can’t give as good poke jacks ’cause you
have a shorter hockey stick. So what about the
advantages and disadvantages of a long hockey stick? Well here I have Zdeno
Chara’s hockey stick, it’s laughably long,
obviously way too long for me. It’s well above my head,
I would only recommend a stick this long if
you’re seven feet tall. So we’ll talk about some
of the advantages first, longer hockey sticks are
great for defensemen, usually the defense like longer sticks. That’s because they can get
bigger poke checks, right, they can reach guys further away, better for intercepting passes,
if you wanna lay your stick on the ice, you can take away
a long passing lane, right? So really good for those type of things, usually better for defense,
getting in the way, blocking shots, longer
stick is usually better. Second thing, which is
also good for defense, is you can get a lot of power. If your stick’s a little bit longer, you can really load it up,
and you have more stick to shoot that puck at the net. So typically you get a
little bit more power with a longer hockey stick. The disadvantages to having
a longer hockey stick are pretty the advantages to
having a shorter hockey stick. So, the disadvantage would
be, with a long stick, you can’t have really good puck control in close to your feet, you
try to pull the puck in close or get it past you and
that’s really close, the stick heel is gonna come off, and you’ll only have the
toe touching the ice. So you’re gonna miss a few pucks there, not as good puck control, and
the stick can get in the way if you’re trying to dangle
and pull the puck in close. The body gets in the way. There’s one more method
of measuring a stick that I usually recommend
to the more experienced hockey players that already
have their own playing style. I also use it on the
ice as a Timbit coach, so coaches, you can use this one as well. So for the experienced players,
as you get more experience, you’re gonna have
different playing styles. I’m six feet tall, but if I’m
a really aggressive skater, lower to the ice, lots of knee bend, I’m usually gonna use a
shorter hockey stick, right, because I want the stick
blade to be flush on the ice. If I use a really long
stick, the heel could be the only thing touching
the ice with the toe off, I’m not gonna get a lot of puck contact. Now, you can change this
using the lie of the stick but we’ll talk about that
in a different video. So on that same topic, if
I’m a more upright player, I’m usually gonna use a
bit of a longer stick. ‘Cause if my stick is really short, then only my toe will
be contacting the stick. Also, you can change that with a lie, but we’re gonna talk about
that in a different video. So, if you’re an experienced
player and you wanna play with the length of your
stick, what are you gonna do? Grab your hockey stick, don’t
cut it, throw your skates on, head out on the ice, and
just stick handle, shoot, and keep moving your top
hand up and down the stick until you find that comfortable position where you’re feeling the puck well, you’re getting good shots
off, and then you just take a piece of tape or a
marker, mark right there, and that’s where you’re
gonna wanna cut your stick. That’s it for tips on picking
the right hockey stick length for you, hopefully those
tips will help you. If you’re looking for more
videos on picking a hockey stick, I’ll put a link to the
playlist right there. If you’re looking for videos
to improve your skills, we do new hockey videos every single week, don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see you in the next video.

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