Horse Approaches Woman In Wheelchair – Moments Later, The Entire Crowd Falls Silent
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Horse Approaches Woman In Wheelchair – Moments Later, The Entire Crowd Falls Silent

August 24, 2019

Horse Approaches Woman In Wheelchair – Moments
Later, The Entire Crowd Falls Silent Lauren Barwick from Canada has loved horses
her entire life. At a young age, she knew already that she
would work with horses in the future. But life did not turn out as she had imagined. Seventeen years ago, she was working on a
ranch that provides the movie industry with horses. One day, a 165-pound bale of hay fell on her,
completely breaking her back. Lauren was instantly paralyzed from the waist
down. But she refused for it to stop her dream. Today Lauren is a professional horse rider. She might be in a wheelchair, but this is
no obstacle for her to continue pursuing her passion. Her specialty is dressage and in the clip
below you can see how she controls her horse. It is clear that she has a great relationship
with the horse and they trust each other 100 percent. At the end of
the clip she gets back up on the horse and invites the audience to a wonderful show. Watch for yourself below! Did you also get happy by just watching this? Please SHARE with all your friends!

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  1. Great story for certain. Also certain is that this is the S*(^(@#$ video possibly ever posted to YouTube. I've seen three year olds' perform magic tricks that are astounding compared to this. What, did you get drunk and wave your wand the wrong way?

  2. An inspiring video about a woman's passion. Why did you have to undermine it's message with silly, embarrassing, incongruous sound effects?

  3. Your sound effects are really amateur and the words get stuck. Too bad. Otherwise it could have been a good video.

  4. Beautiful video, but that horse neighing is not appropriate where you put it. It signals the wrong emotion; a loving, patient horse would likely be silent and making soft, encouraging noises to his human. 🙂

  5. For all those who made negative comments about sound watch without. None of you could do half of what this girl does. Bet none of you can even ride your negativity will stop you from doing anything. She doesn't have any and so achieves

  6. Could totally live without the stupid horse sound effects,,,seriously how big of a butthole do you have to be to think those sounds are good

  7. I like your report, touching to be sure. But really, the whinnying? That is silly and unnecessary. We're not stupid

  8. Excuse me?? the "seat base" and the "seat" bro….it's called; saddle pad, (the small tiny one that goes on top is the half pad) and then the saddle.

  9. I was told it was a miracle that I had my legs to begin with, but to top it off I could feel and move them…

    My back was completely shattered in a bad car wreck, it was like Humpty dumpty- I only have half of my lowest vertebrae.

    With my service dog I can still walk…

    I didn't realize just how true those words my dr said were till now.

    I was hit with atleaat 10x the force than what hit hers….
    straight to my spinal cord.
    But my cord didn't snap when the vertebrae shattered.

    I'm lucky as hell.

    I was going to be a large animal vet but decided I would be slowing other ppl down and be a burden on them so chose a different path….
    I love working with SD just as much, but it wasn't my first choice…

    This woman is amazing.

  10. Com Pew Tar Jen Er Ated Com Men Taries Deny Grate Da Stor Eee.

    Congrats to the Lady, but shame on News Channel.

  11. Hello from Canada!!
    Yes i remember this!What happened to her was tragic!! Its awesome to see that she's keeping up with her passion.?
    My husband who retired recently was a physiotherapy assistant. He worked very closely with many quadriplegic and paraplegic people like her over many years. It was important to him to get to know each person…chat…get them out of their protective shell. In doing so find out what they did or a particular thing that they enjoyed doing. Because in the beginning you believe your life is worthless…you are too.
    Tell them not to give up!!
    Try again until you've reached your goal!!! She did and it's inspiring!!! She is also showing others who are at the beginning of their new journey …"look!! See!? If I can do it anyone can!". ?. Glad I saw this vid!! Thanks for SHARING!!

  12. An inspiring video utterly but-fucked by wank effects.
    The language I used there, is an appropriate responce, to how stupid the sound effects were.

  13. Duh – horses aren’t stupid. The added soundtrack of horse’s hooves on concrete, when the video is on dirt, made it ridiculous. The horse would have “bowed down” to her, so she could ride. Notice how that’s missing from the video.

  14. I didn't even watch the whole vid; stupid robo speak leaves much to be desired, I will NEVER like a vid that does not use an actual person to give the narrative!

  15. I love the story but we could have done with out the horrible sounds that don't even go with the pictures and it would have been better if it was a video instead of a mess load of still pics. The story really got wrecked with the face sounds and stuff. But I think this women is strong and she teaches everyone no matter what happens to you in life never give up on your dreams. You can do anything if you put your mind to it, so for the story I give it a 9 but for the rest I must say a 3 case they could have done a lot better for this story. I have noticed that they are starting to lack in quality of there videos and I have no clue why. Are they not into it any more?? If that is what is going on then they should shut it down and call it quits. But if they are still wanting to do this channel then they have to do a better job case making crap videos is not going to keep us from not unsubscribing to this channel so U hope in the future they do a better job with there videos.

  16. Interesting story. Translation into English is terrible and robotic. Then, there are those repetitive sounds. The story deserves better than this slap-dash treatment.

  17. What wonderful courage and spirit that young lady has, so much love there between her and the horse . She is an inspiration to all disabled and able bodied people .
    God bless her and keep her well and happy .

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