Horse Back Riding and Locar Flavor Tour in Manuel Antonio
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Horse Back Riding and Locar Flavor Tour in Manuel Antonio

October 18, 2019

Good morning everybody, today we’re going to do a horseback riding tour just outside Manuel Antonio. Our horses are ready so let’s go. This horseback riding tour began in Londres, a small town about 40 minutes outside of Manuel Antonio. The 2.5 hour horseback riding tour took us through beautiful rainforest on a picturesque trail passing by rivers and waterfalls. Along the way, we heard lots of birds like toucans and even saw a couple of squirrel monkeys in the trees next to us. At the end of the trail, we got off to rest
a little bit and walked down to a small but charming waterfall On a calm day, you can swim in the calm pools or just rest in the grass. After about a 30 minute break, we got back on our horses to ride the same trail back to the starting point of the tour to have lunch. We’re here at Rancho Los Tucanes, this is
their local farm in the area, we’re going to take a Costa Rican cooking class so we’re going to make some of the traditional dishes here We’re actually going to eat it for lunch
so let’s go and get cooking. First, we went to pick our ingredients from the Rancho Tucanes organic farm. Next, we headed to the kitchen where Mariana, the chef, taught us how to prepare our lunch of ceviche with plantain, salad and chicken. She also taught us how to make tortillas, a Costa Rican staple. After it was all done, we got to eat our delicious traditional Costa Rican homemade lunch. We just finished our delicious lunch that
we actually just made. We had chicken, a platano like plantain ceviche, salad and rice. We had a great time learning about the farm and a little about Costa Rican dishes so I hope you guys enjoyed the video and if you want to learn more about this Local Flavor experience, just click on the links below and thanks for watching.

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