Horse Bathing Routine – SmartPaker Emily and JZ
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Horse Bathing Routine – SmartPaker Emily and JZ

August 14, 2019

EMILY: It’s Emily here from
marketing with my horse, JZ, and today we’re going to go over
our bathing routine and some of the products I love to
use when I give JZ a bath. All right, so here
is all the products we’re using for our bath today. For shampoo we’re using this
Sore No-More Massage Shampoo. And I have some bug spray,
Ultra Shield EX, Keratex Hoof Hardener, which I put
on before the bath so the moisture doesn’t
affect his feet. Some Canter Mane and
Tail Conditioner. I have a medium brush, a soft
face brush, a finishing brush, a sponge, Oster mane and tail
brush, a hoof pick, and then lots of grooming gloves. I have the HandsOn grooming
glove, the Rubber Grooming Mitts, and then I also have
the Microfiber Bathing Mitt. And then behind there I
just have a sweat scraper, and down here I have one of the
Fortiflex Mini Buckets, which is perfect size for putting
in your shampoo for a bath. And I also store all
my bath stuff in there when I’m not using it. The first step, I’m
going to pick his feet so I can apply the
Keratex Hoof Hardener and give that some time to dry. Ready? Pick it up. Good boy. It’s just applying
this little sponge and it’s just going to protect
his feet from the moisture when I’m bathing him. So first I like to
do a grooming just to get any big dirt and mud off
and to get down to the skin. And I’m using the HandsOn
Grooming Glove, which I’m absolutely obsessed with. It’s so nice for currying but
also gives a nice massage. It fits into all the
curves of their body since it’s shaped
like your hand, and he absolutely loves
being groomed with this. He’s being very fresh today. It does come in a
pair, but I normally only use my right hand glove– or my right hand to curry– so
that’s what I’m doing today. Feel good? This is so nice. I even do it lightly on the
legs since I can really control the pressure where it’s going. Really great for shedding
season and also thick coats during the winter. I really use these
all year long. Good boy. You’re a good boy. OK, when that’s
done, I’m just going to come in with a
medium stiffness brush and get all that loose
hair and dirt off. All right, from
there I’m just going to give his face
a quick brushing. Good boy. Then I also just run a brush
through his mane and his tail. Wild mane. You’re on camera, you have to
at least pretend to behave. All right, and then I’m just
going to sweep up this mess and then get started on bathing. You excited? I can tell. So the shampoo I’m using today
is this Sore No-More Massage Shampoo. So it takes the liniment
and then combines it with a shampoo so it’s
herbal, refreshing, fells like a mini spa day,
really good for their muscles, but also leaves the hair
really silky, really smooth. There’s no harsh sulfates
or other things like that, so I feel great using it on him. So I’m just going to squirt a
little of that into the bucket. And you want to– I forgot, you do want to
shake this before you use it. There we go. I find a little bit goes a
long way with this shampoo. This bottle will
last me forever. Let’s get the water
temperature just right. Can you move over? Thank you. I’m just going to
fill up that bucket. You can see it makes
really nice suds and just has this amazing
fresh herbal scent. I know it’s so scary, I know! Get his tail nice and wet. Good boy. All right, so first
step I’m going to use the Grooming Mitt which
has nice little curry pebbles on it, but very gentle. But it really gets down to the
skin and gets all that dirt up. Next up is this super cool
Microfiber Grooming Mitt. Just slip that on. So it’s got little pompoms
on one side and then more like a washcloth material– you know you’re on camera– on the other side. So that’s really good if
you have a really dirty area you can really scrub. But I really like to use
this all over the body. It’s the only thing I use on his
legs since it’s super gentle, and it picks up the
soap really nicely too. Almost done. I know, worst day ever. Now I’m going to use
what’s left of my bucket and just dip his tail in here. Good boy. I can just pour
it down his tail. Good boy. All right, time for a rinse. Get this bucket out of the way. I love that shampoo because
it rinses clean so nicely. I don’t feel like I have
any soap or residue left on him after rinsing. Also, just going to get a
little water on this cloth– yeah, you know what’s coming– and just wash,
wipe his face down, since I clearly won’t be
getting near that with the hose. Let me get those eyes. Get the goopies. Can I get that nose,
and get those ears? Yeah. Get that forelock. OK, and time for the scraper. Next up I am just going to
put some Canter Mane and Tail Conditioner in his
mane and in his tail. The stuff makes it so
silky and easy to brush. So no summer bath routine is
complete without a hand grazing session. So we are going to head outside
and enjoy this lovely evening while he dries. So I sprayed JZ down with
our UltraShield EX Fly Spray, and he is now happily
grazing while he dries. I see those dapples
coming out, oh yeah. JZ is nice and dry, so
for a finishing touch I’m going to use the Haas
Diva Exclusive Brush. It has really soft
outer bristles and then an incredibly soft
sheepskin center, so it really just takes any
fine dust off and leaves such a beautiful shine. It’s my favorite brush. Good boy. So nice and clean. Look at that shine– so beautiful. You’re so handsome. So there you have it. A perfectly clean horse. Make sure to subscribe to see
other videos from SmartPak and shop at
for all the products you saw in today’s video. Thanks, and have a great ride! Good boy.

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  1. JZ is so pretty he seems so sweet too, how old is he? My horse is about 12 or 13. also, "i know its so scary! I know!" I love how you talk to him, I do the same thing

  2. I think its very interesting and insrtuctive, that you are bathing a young but somewhat nervous horse, because it means us viewers can learn more

  3. This is why I love Smartpak, no other Tack store does videos like these! It's nice to see the products being used and explained by someone who likes them!

  4. Could you do a video series where we can see the workers at SmartPak ride their horses so we can see them ride? That would be great ! ❤️

  5. 1. love this video!! <3
    2. could we get a weekly grooming routine video by one of the smartpak workers??

  6. Putting I in the bucket is a waste. Wet, draw a line along their withers with shampoo, work down with a bathing mitt, rinse off. Hardly Anything wasted.

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