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Horse Boot Protection with Patrick Smith

September 4, 2019

Horse Boot Protection with Patrick Smith there’s a lot of boots out there how to use a lot of the different boots
in my career and the Professional’s Choice Elite VenTECH is the bood that
I choose to use. Their made for protection and this is something I think is overlooked. A lot of people are paying 30, 40, 50 + thousand dollars
for horses, and they don’t spend very much money on protection for their horse.
This is the cheapest insurance you can have on these animals you know you got four tires on your car you don’t just check the front you want
to check all of them. That’s something that I’m big on, is making sure that my
horse is protected all the way around these boots are great for support and
this is something I really like for the material they’ve got a lot of cool
colors in it but it’s a stretchy material it’s contoured very well there’s a lot
of detail in this boot if you look right here you can see all
this extra stitching that they’ve got in here that you won’t see a lot of
other boots that stitching is to help contour this to a horse’s leg the same way that boots fit us or choose
fit us, it’s important that it’s a comfortable fit once you put it on you
don’t want to just slap this on there and it bother your horse where he’s
just pawing the ground all day and it’s bugging him and not only that it’s not
even protect him the way that that it was made to do. so you’ll see right here
on the inside as i get ready to put this on this horse, reason it’s called VenTECH
is you’ll see all these holes right here and that’s a breathable material so when I wrap this on this horse’s leg
and the temperature starts getting up there you know we’re going places where it’s
well over a hundred degrees a lot of the times, so that heat can escape,
that sweat can escape and it keeps his horse’s legs and get too hot and getting
blisters instead it lets it breathe again keeping him more comfortable. ok you can see right here
boot tells me everything I need to know front left. I’m going to put this on him
right here and watch without even strapping it you’ll see how well that
boot conformed this horse’s leg it fits him without even strapping it you can see how well it does. so i’m
going to make sure that I get this in the correct spot and get this under that
ankle under that fetlock and i’m always going to hold this with my thumb pull this tight, and here’s the most
important part of this boot this is designed to support
the suspensory on this horse so what I’m going to do is I’m going to
wrap this around go underneath and pull it up at a 45
degree angle. so many times I see guys just strap across just to get the strap
done that’s not what these are for. These are
designed to be on to be tight going to be fitted to a horse’s leg so we want to make sure we get that
strap around and at a 45 degree angle and then I’m going to go up one to the neck strap pull it tight, next one, pull it tight, and
then finish off with the top one and pull it tight. now I’ve got a good fit on
my horse it looks good it’s comfortable to him
and it’s supporting ligaments and suspensory this horse’s feet, again,
keeping him safe throughout the day, comfortable, and cheep insurance for an animal that’s worth as much as he is to me

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