Horse Camp Wonders ~ Episode 6 ~ Star Stable Online
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Horse Camp Wonders ~ Episode 6 ~ Star Stable Online

August 18, 2019

Sophia: Wait, where did she go? Sophia: Huh. Strange. Oh well, I’ll go to my room. Sophia: So this is my home for the next week… Sophia: *A LOT bigger on the inside… and older, kind of.* Sophia: Wow, stables in my room?!?!? Awesome! Sophia: And just how many are there? Including Angel? Sophia: 1, 2… Sophia: 3, 4, 5… Sophia: 6, 7! Wow. SEVEN horses in my room! How did they get here?* Sophia: Oops. This is the way I came in. Sophia: Right, I need THAT door… Sophia: *Yay a kitchen! But who’s this?* Sophia: Excuse me, who are you and why are you in my house? Herman: Why, missy, I’m Herman, your supervisor. Sophia: WHAT!?!?! I don’t need a supervisor! Herman: Just to make sure that you aren’t staying up till 5 in the morning and all sorts. You are Sophia, correct? Sophia: Yes. Bye. Sophia: *At least I actually HAVE a kitchen…* Sophia:*I wonder if any of the other girls are here yet?* Sophia: Guess not, then.

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