Horse Care & Buying Tips : How to Groom a Horse or Foal
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Horse Care & Buying Tips : How to Groom a Horse or Foal

August 23, 2019

When grooming a young horse, it’s important
that you’re a little bit more cautious and careful. This is a two year old, so he has
had handling, but he’s still new to the whole experience. So I use the same tools, as you
will with any horse, you just have to be a little bit more cautious and make sure that
you make slow movements that aren’t going to to scare the horse. So as I go through
each of the grooming steps, I want to be thorough but also keep in mind that a young horse doesn’t
have the same amount of patience as an older horse has, so I also don’t want to make him
stand here for a ton of time. So I’m going to be pretty quick. Young horses are much
more likely to be a little bit head shy and resistant to the idea of you touching their
heads, and so you just have to be careful and slowly work your way up their forehead.
And then when you go down to do their legs, also being a little bit careful, they’re more
likely to be a little bit skittish so just be ready to have to jump out of the way. Then
we pick their feet up, it’s going to take a little bit more to make them pick their
feet up, because they’re not so used to the whole process. Teaching a horse to pick up
their feet at an early age makes it a lot easier for the farrier and for you when you’re
training them at a later stage. So I’m going to do the exact same thing as usual, push
and try and pick up his foot, and it takes a little bit more strength and then to practice,
I really want to make him stand here and hold his hoof for a little bit of a longer amount
of time. And then I’ll bang the hoof kick which is a little bit like the sounds that
the farrier makes with his tools, and this is a good way to get him ready for that experience.

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  1. WTF !!
    i always kneel when doing my horses legs and he's 19 months old n hes fine with it and my dad's 7 month old foal
    and it wasnt a curry comb she used it was a soft brush you nob !!!!

  2. Not every horse is the same, in this particular video, the horse is young and not completely used to being groomed, so obviously hes going to be interested in what shes doing, he may nip and bite. @ XxchesterandsophiexX, I would love to see what a great "Experienced Trainer" you are? Don't be immature with comments because your self centered. There isn't a law on how to groom a horse now is there? Exactly.

  3. @dahgee01 I've been riding since I was 4, I've owned horses in England, and in America. You have absolutely no idea how much experience I've had with horses, so don't open your mouth. Just because your grandmother owned horses, doesn't mean YOU know everything about them. I currently have a job, which involves working with Draft horses, so I think I'm quite able to know what I'm doing. Stupid little girl.

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