Horse Care : How to Tack a Horse
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Horse Care : How to Tack a Horse

September 4, 2019

To tack your horse, we’ll begin by making
sure your horse is groomed. Assuming that it is, we’ll begin with the saddle pad. And
we’re going to put the saddle pad right up to where her hair starts to grow on her withers.
And the place that the girth goes is at right behind her shoulder. And then we’ll take the
and it’s also going to sit right up on her wither and I’m going to pull the saddle pad
up into the gullet of the saddle. And then we’ll take the girth and attach it just first on the lower holes
and I’ll attach them on the other side as well. I like to make sure that it goes through
these girth rings here, just keeps the saddle pad in place with the saddle. And now we’ll
put the bridle on.
To begin with, we’re going to put the reigns over her head. We’re going to take the halter
off. Right away, my hand replaces the halter. So my hands take the bridle in the one hand.
With my left hand I help the bit into her mouth using my thumb in the corner of her
mouth to make her open… one ear at a time. Then I’ll attach the nose band, which goes
under the cheek pieces and should be fairly tight. You want to make sure that after you’ve
attached it, you put the leather into its keepers so it stays neat. This bridle is a
flash nose band so it’s going to go underneath the bit here and it should never be tighter
than the nose band, but it should be firm. And the last thing is going to be the throat
latch which is the loosest of all three. I should be able to fit about a fist between
her and the throat latch. And then we’re ready to go.

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  1. First I didn't see her hit the horse but you need to correct there bad behaveyour thathorse was not standing still a sharp no would have corrected the horses attatude if it didn't you need to keep on with the no and make him back up. And give you some space.

  2. It's pommel, ur not an expert, if u want to see tack up videos and grooming etc check out my videos in a few days when I have them up, I'm an expert and u no little about horses

  3. I don't think that she should tolerate the horses's behavior while tacking up. She also should not remove the halter before getting the bridle partway on with a mare like this.

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