Horse Care : How to Take Care of a Foal
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Horse Care : How to Take Care of a Foal

November 17, 2019

If you’re expecting a foal, the first thing
you want to do is make sure that your fencing is adequate. As you can see around here we
have special fencing up that won’t allow the foal to get their legs through any of the
wires. This is important because foals have smaller legs and are definitely very curious.
If you’re going to have your foal in a stall as well then then stall needs to be baby proofed.
This will mean going around and making sure that the stall is safe, there’s no nails,
there’s no places that your horse can get the foot through. And you’ll also want to
have a special feeder that allows the foal to eat food and the mom not to get the food.
That’ll be a little bit further down the line. Once your horse is a little bit older, this
guy is two now, you’re going to have to start to think about replacing the baby fence. As
you can see he’s already started to wear this fence down. So now that he’s bigger, we’re
going to have to got through and put regular fencing up. It’s a little bit sturdier and
that will withstand his size.

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