Horse Care & Riding : How to Back Up on a Horse
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Horse Care & Riding : How to Back Up on a Horse

September 2, 2019

Backing up a horse is something that we only
usually do for a few steps at a time. To begin with, have a nice short rein and just apply
a little pressure and a little leg. And off and on, the pressure comes on and off and
on and off. At the same time is applying a light amount of leg. And much leg and rein
you need will depend on the house and how sensitive they are. So again, the pressure
comes on, a little leg and off and a couple more steps. To keep them straight as you back
up, you have to use your legs. So if my horse starts to veer left, I apply my left leg to
push them back over to the right. You want to make sure your avoid just pulling straight
back on the reins as this will end up being more like a tug of war between you and your
horse. It’s important that you let go of the pressure after applying the pressure.

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