Horse Care & Riding : How to Dress for Horseback Riding
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Horse Care & Riding : How to Dress for Horseback Riding

October 20, 2019

When dressing for horseback riding, it’s important
to first think about safety. You want to first make sure that you have a helmet that’s approve
to the highest safety standards. And you also want to make sure that you have a good shoe
with a hard sole and is certainly closed toe. It can also be a good idea to have a pair
of riding pants. These are a little stretchier than your average pair of pants. And also,
has a leather patch on the knee that can help you to grip. It’s also helpful to have either
a tall boot or a half chap and these also make riding more comfortable and it helps
you to grip on to the horse. If you’re taking lesson, your riding instructor will certainly
like it if you wear a shirt that’s fitted and probably tucked in. This is going to make
it easier for your instructor to see how your posture is. And it might even make it easier
for you as a rider to not be bog down by loose clothing. Riding gloves are also really helpful
in that they protect your hands from blisters and it makes it easier to hold your reins
and get a good grip on your reins. Which is really important when you’re thinking about
controlling your horse.

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  1. I think the clothing you are wearing is just fine. I ride both western and saddle seat english. My attire for western…jeans. My attire for schooling for saddle seat…jeans. I hate breeches with a passion and the little knee patches are not that helpful. It is more important that you have boots with a good heel and the rest of your clothes are comfortable and not causing a hazard..they need not be fancy. If you ride english you can wear half chaps over jeans for more grip. Happy riding!

  2. I always wear my breeches, and tall boots.:) I love them, They're just such a comfortable pair. I used to wear my riding gloves all the time, now I only wear them sometimes. Usually ride in a tee or a tank top, gets soo hot riding. haha

  3. I just ordered a black on black GPA Titium Pro! I really hope it fits. The Charles Owen I ordered was way too small.

  4. Always wear gloves
    My hands are now completely destroyed from two hours of riding
    Blisters for weeks were painful enough but now my hands are raw red and worn to death from three weeks ago still

  5. No one's right a no one's wrong. You wear clothing that suits you but boots, are a must. For protection around horses feet when doing ground work and making a more comfortable ride. Helemets arent always neccesary, I dont ride with a helmet all of the time.Gloves are up to you.Jeans or joddies are fine too.

  6. @swygert321 look, she is only talking like that because there are people watching this who might not have a clue about anything to do with riding. and with some reins they rub your skin inbetween your fingers, and that can hurt like a bitch, so gloves would help with that shes not sayig that they would necasserilly make you a better rider.

  7. Seriously, stop talking in the video as though we are all morons and .. neeeed..everrry..worrrd..streeetched..ooout.

  8. I always wear boots and a helmet but I only wear gloves wen I hav to at shows cause the gloves I hav make it harder to hold the reins because they're so thick and it makes my hands all sweaty and I wear riding pants most of the time but other times I just wear jeans and I never yuk my shirt in because I only hav a few shirts that wud make a noise

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