Horse Care & Riding : How to Groom a Horse

October 11, 2019

When grooming a horse, you want to make sure
you have a few basic tools. A curry comb, a hard brush, a soft brush, and a hoof pick.You
can also have a soft curry comb, for their face and legs. The first step, is to use the
curry comb. This is the harder one, and we’re going to use it in circular motions, on the
meaty part of the horse. The next step, is to use the hard brush, and again, this is
going to cover the same areas of the curry comb, and you’re just going to flick the dirt
off the horse. After the hard brush, we’ll use a soft brush, and this is going to cover
the legs, and the face. Then, we’ll go to use the hoof pick, and for the hoof pick,
we’re going to lean against the horse, run the hand down the leg, and lift up, and we’re
going to pick out the dirt, and any other debris that’s found its way there.

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